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Let’s delve into the Gachon Hawaii Global Center!A new campus that gives students a great chance
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  Any Gachon University student must have heard of ‘Gachon Hawaii Global Center’ at least once. The Hawaii campus is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, which is an organized English immersion education center that includes one of the best dormitory facilities. The first group of students visited the center in January 2012. The Hawaii campus is not only striving for completing a language course, but also for developing global talents through exchange programs. Let's take a closer look at the Hawaii Campus that all our students are dreaming of.

  Gachon Hawaii global center is the first Korean university language center abroad with dormitory facilities overseas. These days learning English is not cheap, but about 500 students can stay in Hawaii for up to six months without any additional cost each year. Here not only can students study English, but also experience Hawaiian culture. Students have support with their school expenses, roundtrip airfares and boarding expenses, so they can concentrate on studying English. Also, Hawaii campus offers a delightful environment and is equipped with the latest up-to-date facilities. Students are sent to Hawaii during their break or during the semester and currently some of our students are experiencing Hawaii. Let’s just be aware of the requirements in order to get in to the Hawaii campus---you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and your TOEIC score must be above 600.

  According to a student who has been to Hawaii, all the programs at the International Mid Pac College are started with level tests. Then students study English through the school’s programs from Monday to Thursday. The morning classes are based on listening, reading, and writing which help with the students’ speaking abilities. In the afternoon, students study English by interviewing the local citizens. Their study plan is very practical, because students apply what they have learned in the morning when they interview English-speaking locals in the afternoon. Every Friday is a Discovery Day, which means the students visit State Capitols and museums to study Hawaiian history and culture. On Saturday, students are allowed to plan their schedules on their own. The dormitory is built nearby Waikiki beach and it is close to International Mid Pac College and other tourist attractions. The students who have been to Hawaii Campus called Hawaii ‘A place where it is not only the best place to study English, but also the best place to rest and enjoy.’

  English has become an essential need to university students nowadays; the English immersion education at the Hawaii campus is a great opportunity for us Gachon University students. The program offers educational opportunities to various students, not only for those who already have excellent English. Students who are worried about their English ability should not hesitate, just apply and challenge yourself. Enjoy the improvement of your English ability and Hawaii itself. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

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