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Don’t You Feel Exhausted?To find out my inner forest, ‘Little Forest’
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2022.09.27  17:43:43
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 There are so many moments of crisis in our life. And you might have a Little Forest that you can feel comfortable such as your own quite place, hobby, or music. I would like to introduce the movie ‘Little Forest’, which reminds us of this Small Forest of our mind. The story begins with Hye-won, the main character who was preparing for the teacher certification examination in Seoul. Unfortunately, she failed the test and returns to her hometown that she wanted to escape when she was young. So, now she just buries her head in the sand. She spends a calm day with her hometown friends. Let's explore our own Little Forest through the main character's daily life, which recharges with comfort and stability that you can’t feel when you are too busy.

The visual effects of ‘Little Forest’
 Hye-won's daily life shows the change of four season in the beautiful countryside. The movie includes scenery that shows the characteristics of the four seasons and the scene of growing seasonal ingredients for each season is also described in detail. The movie has a unique color style and mood. Also, it is particularly attractive that the movie contains the clarity of the four seasons and remind us of the mood and scent of each season. You can feel the beauty of the four seasons in the movie.


The foods of ‘Little Forest’
 Hye-won's mother disappears without any message as soon as Hye-won graduates high school to realize her dream. Hye-won's Little Forest is memories that they cooked together during her childhood. In this movie, Hye-won recalls the memories of growing ingredients, cooking, and eating with her mother in detail. It is very meaningful that we can share her memories vividly. Most of the dishes in the movie only use ingredients that can be obtained from nature. Picking the best cabbage in the snowfields, cooking soybean paste soup and rice, clearing the snow in the yard, and cooking cabbage pancakes and Sujebi make stimulate the audio-visual world. The crunching sounds of fresh vegetables and harmonious colors looks like a work.


 Differences between the Korean version and Japanese version
 The remake version in Korea focuses on the story, while the original Japanese version doesn’t. The Korean version focuses on the intense life and serious concerns of the youth. Also, it conveys messages of consolation through the relationship between characters.
But the Japanese version was released twice, focusing on traditional Japanese recipes for a long time. The biggest difference is that the Japanese version only focuses on a simple but well-made meal using fresh ingredients.

 ‘Little Forest’ unfolds calmly without any special events, but it is a movie that you can enjoy in a comfortable mood without any tension while looking at the scenery and dishes. It has a short running time, but I felt warm and comfort while I watched the movie. I hope many people have opportunity to think about where their own Little Forest exists by watching this movie. It might rest your tired mind and help you feel happy.


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