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Happiness Can Be Found in Unlikely CircumstancesMy one childhood memory
Choi Seh-min  |  cchloe1006@gmail.com
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 In the summer of 2009, I was staying at my grandparents’ house. Near my grandparents’ house, there weren’t any street lamps, so it was really dark. I always thought that ghosts live near my grandparents’ house. That is why I hate sleeping at my grandparents’ house. I also had nightmares at my grandparents’ house. However, during that summer, I had to stay at my grandparents’ house for two months.
 One day, after a piano lesson, I had to walk to my grandparents' house by myself. It is not a long distance. It takes about 15 minutes to walk. The clock was pointing at 6:30 when I left the piano school. I trudged back to their house. At that time, I didn’t have a cell phone. I was really alone. On the way home, there were pubs. Whenever I came into contact with drunk people. I felt like zombies were attacking me. I sped up, I was actually rushing into my grandparents’ house. That 15 minutes were like 150 hours to me. Also, I sweat really heavily. That was not because of the weather, I was sweating because of the fear. My close friend’s street cats became a frightening enemy. Cats crying gave me goosebumps.
 Walking in fear, I was able to see the house. I ran into the house and saw my grandparents, my eyes were filled up with tears. After hugging my grandparents and noticing that I got to the house safely, I felt the greatest happiness. After that experience, I noticed that happiness is not far away from me. Small events can be a great happiness.
 Happiness is everywhere, and you can just look for it. Even small things can make one’s find unexpected and great happiness. Having a safe day is not something that one can take for granted. If there are heavy rain victims, I hope the situation gets better really soon and they find happiness as soon as possible. 
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