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Have You Heard about ‘God-life’, Meaning That We Have a Productive Day?Gachon University’s Hermione, majored in sculptor, Jo Ye-eun.
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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 Have you ever heard of the word 'God-life'? 'God-life' means living productively and systemically for their goals. Many people want to live 'God-life', but it's not easy to carry out. A student, who is a model of 'God-life', is attending Gachon University. I would like to introduce Gachon University's Hermione Cho Ye-eun, who always gets good grades while she combines external activities with her business.

1. Can you tell me about the purpose and process as you opened the 'Moo-jooin repair shop'?
Students living alone have difficulties of repairing clothes by themselves. I wanted to be helpful to them. So, I decided to open my repair shop that can repair everything. Thankfully, many students asked me to repair their clothes by contacting me through the school communityI also multiply majored in fashion design and tried to understand the structure and production process of clothes. Finally, I could start this work. 

2. I think it’s not easy to manage all customers through SNS and meet all their demands. Nevertheless, how do you maintain repair shop steadily?
Many repair shops reject the cumbersome clothes that they cannot repair. However, everything is possible at the Moo-jooin repair shop. Since I know how precious someone's favorite or sold-out clothes are, I devoted myself to meet my clients' needs. I feel happy and that I’ve achieved something good when I see the clients satisfied with the result. It becomes my driving force for working harder.
3. What is ‘God-life’ for you, officially called of ‘God-life girl’?
I’m so grateful that everyone calls me by a good nickname. I'm always trying to live up to the name. I think that 'God-life' is devoting oneself to achieve what they want. We don't have to hesitate and can experience more in a short time so that we can move forward and look back on the process. I think that all the efforts come together with 'God-life.'.
4. I heard that burnout syndrome come to people who live busy and passionate life. Can I ask if you had a similar experience?
Sure. I was worn out and felt lethargic. I hadn’t touched the clothes for a while, and even I tried to sell the sewing machine. At that time, I was so tired psychologically and physically. So, I took a rest enough and looked around myself. Despite I thought that I would never live a passionate life again, the time when I want to start again toward a new dream comes to me again.
5. It would not be easy to do all the works like studying and business, external activities, and part-time job. How did you accomplish all of this with such a busy schedule?
My parents opposed to my major of art. So, I wanted to prove desire and passion for art through good grades. It was my way to express gratitude to my parents for supporting me. While I studied my major, it took a lot of money. So, I started the part-time job to solve financial problems on my own. I think the success of the art field depends on my efforts. So, I challenged everything as much as I could.
6. Do you have any new goals and dreams that you want to achieve in the future?
I want to establish my own company, named 'Moo-jooin company'. My dream is to be the CEO of a fashion company like unicorn that can accomplish all the processes from making patterns, sampling, washing, and repairing clothes.
 I hope that this interview of Cho Ye-eun, who runs toward her dreams, will motivate you. Let's close the year of 2022 and think about how it was for you. Did you spend the time wistfully? Or are you satisfied with the goals you’ve already achieved? No matter how you spent the year of 2022, I would like to say that your hard work for last year must be worthwhile.
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