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The Black Star of Indie Bands, Thorn AppleMusic boils down to youth.
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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 What kind of music do you like? Recently, more and more people are tired of the music produced by big agencies. Also, they started to focus on the music genre that is unknown to the public, this is ’Indie-Music’. I would like to introduce their message and how it’s different from commercial music.

 Indie-music pursues music that is not affected by commercial systems such as big agencies. Uniquely, they aren’t restricted in their musical expression. The intention of the Indie-musicians is more important than commerciality, so they feel free to express the lyrics and many fans are eager for their music.
 Indie-music in Korea appeared in the 1990s, and the first generation of Indie-music was formed in two genres: rock and punk. Since then, more Indie-bands like ’Crying Nut‘ and ’Jaurim‘ has gained huge popularity, continuing to this day. Outside of that, there are Bolbbalgan4, Swedish Laundry, Standing Eggs, Jang Ki-ha band, and Gukkasten.
 These Indie-bands are independent for the commercial purpose, so it is not easy to gain popularity with the public. Nevertheless, there are so many bands that are fascinated by the tastes of the public. I would like to introduce some successful Indie-bands in this article.


 Delispis is the first generation of Indie music, and it can be said it is the first band to introduce modern rock to the public in Korea. In 1997, they released a ground-breaking music album gaining popularity from the public. In addition, in the OST of the movie <Who are U>,’ Chow Chow‘, a famous song for the lyrics of ’I Can Hear Your Voice,’ became a representative hook song in Korea.
Delispis expresses lyrical sensibility and emotion of a modern rock.

Jaurim Band

 Jaurim Band was first organized at the Hongdae Club. This band is popular for not only its exciting and bright songs, but they have constantly challenged various genres of music. They debuted with four members in 1997 and all members are together for 20 years with no changes. Their music especially stands out for clear voice and composition of vocalist Yoon-ah Kim and is still loved by the public.

Thorn Apple

 Thorn Apple is a four-member Indie-band that has a unique and dreamy sound, featuring sad feelings such as the loneliness of youth. Thorn Apple consists of four members: vocalist Sung-Hyun Yoon, bass and programming Shim Jae-Hyun, drummer Joseph, and guitarist Hong Dong-Hyun. They deliver some messages like ’Nevertheless, let's move forward anyway‘ gaining great sympathy from the youth. Their music, which solves abstract and complex emotions of the youth, has the charm of both lyrics and sounds.

 I visited Thorn Apple's concert ’Black Star‘ at Jamsil Olympic Hall on April 8 to appreciate the charm of the Indie-music. It was the largest concert hall for the Thorn Apple band and all seats have been sold out with the attention of many people. So, let's take a look at what kind of charms Thorn Apple has.
 Sung-Hyun Yoon, who writes lyrics for Thorn Apple songs, is said to be good at expressing abstract and complex emotions of humans. He doesn't use English in his lyrics to clarify the images that want to express. We can easily capture the meaning of the lyrics appealing to the delicacy that will be memorable. The lyrics could not make sense at first, but the characteristic of Thorn Apple collides and gives a strong feeling to the listener. Words in lyrics are not combined but reveal blurred and complex emotions immediately.

<Reporter’s Review>

Soo-Hyun Kim: It was a very special performance because I could easily understand the emotion from the music by the melody of each song. In addition, the lights, and effects of the stage made performances grand. All the members were excellent in playing musical instruments and they were immersed in music. Also, it was fun and meaningful to watch the performance. I am ready to go there if I have another opportunity later.

 At the concert, I could enjoy the songs that were loved by many people, such as ’Midnight,’, ’Ghost,’ ’Haze,’ ’A Day in Mercury,’ ’Cicada Crys Even When It Rains,’ ’The Blue Spring,’ and ’Reason.’ I recommend that you experience their musical uniqueness and sound that cannot be imitated. I hope you will be able to experience a new world of music that you have never felt before.
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