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The Important Thing is an Uncrushable MindThere is nothing to beat steadiness
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2023.07.05  17:50:27
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 Have you heard of 'The important thing is an uncrushable mind'? It was made fashionable by the pro gamer Kim Hyuk-gyu who participated in the League of Legend 2022 world championship. Also, in November 2022, the performance of Korean soccer players in the Qatar World Cup made it more well-known among the public, so it is considered the most popular buzzword in Korea at the end of 2022.
 People might think of giving up if their task doesn't work out as well as they think. Their mind is broken. However, we should overcome that thought. It will remain a failure if we give up when we want to give up, but it can be successful if we make a continuous effort. You will get to know how to lead to success or not to fail. For instance, we can look at the case of comedian Kim Min-Kyung. She has done her work earnestly as a comedian since 2022. One day, she experienced shooting in the entertainment show, and she who gets interested in shooting and became a shooting player within one year. As one fellow comedian asked impression to her, she answered like this. 'I did harder because there are many people who cheer up and get up the courage because of me. I got to enter the world tournament fortunately, I hope you have the confidence to do whatever it is. I would like to encourage hope.' In the world tournament in which about 1600 players participated, she accomplished an inspiring deed winning the 51st in her first competition. Kim Min-kyung not only gives courage and hope to a number of people but also became a person who conveys the value of effort as she hopes.

 At last, I will end the article, by introducing a phrase that conveys a different meaning similar to the phrase mentioned above. It is the phrase that was in fashion by a popular comedian Park Myung-soo used in the caption of a V-log. 'The important thing is just doing even if it's broken.' Although its nuance is significantly different, the meaning itself that says “just do what you want to do” is the same. As it was the most sympathizing word in 2022, I hope you can get a good inspiration from this word. The continuous effort will bring a marvelous result.
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