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A Tumbler Is My Friend!The habit of using a tumbler
Seo jun yeong  |  sjy5878@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2023.07.06  15:12:12
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 How many cups of coffee do you drink? How many bottles of water do you drink? Whatever the case, I think it’s waste to throw plastic cups away after using them only once. So, in this article, I suggest using a tumbler instead of plastic cup. I’m going to tell what I know after using a tumbler for one week. Through my experience, I hope people will consider using a tumbler and have some help in using tumbler.
▲ Let's use Tumbler!

Advantages of Using Tumbler
 One of the best points of using a tumbler is you can drink water wherever you want. Also, using tumbler gives me unpredictable benefits, one of them is a tumbler-discount. Although local cafes don’t often have this, franchise cafes (like Twosome Place, Paik Dabang, etc.) provide a tumbler-discount service.

Pascucci, Twosome Place, Dunkin Donuts discount 300 won.
Convenience Stores like GS25 and CU discount 200 won.
Paik Dabang discounts 100 won.
 Also, tumbler is good at storage. When using disposable cup, there is a risk that the contents will spill if the cup is overturned or flipped. Without using tumbler, there is inconvenience we should always grab our disposable cup always.
 If you fall in love with americano with ice, let’s use tumbler’s cooler function. A tumbler is especially good at sustaining a drink’s temperature, so its temperature wouldn’t change easily. When we drink up coffee, only ice remains. With this ice, we can make it. Otherwise, if you use a tumbler for hot tea or drinks, you can keep feeling the warmth of the drink.
 When the daily temperature difference is large, you will feel that you want to drink a lot water. In this case, a tumbler makes you drink water as much as you want. Especially, when you stay longer in dry study room and library, you can drink plenty of water with tumbler. If you use it when you exercise, you don’t have to use disposable cup. It's killing two birds with one stone that you don't have to put a plastic bottle within your bag.
Disadvantages of Using a Tumbler
 A tumbler has the disadvantage of having to wash it after using. After drinking it all, a tumbler is not clean because of residue. In addition, drinks with solid ingredients such as shakes can stick to the inside of tumbler and strong scent in tumbler make user suffer from odor. If you survive the tumbler’s side effects, you must wash your tumbler every day after you use it.
 A tumbler is heavier than disposable things like paper cup and plastic bottle. Actually, it’s not too heavy, but it’s quiet heavy compared with plastic cup, also, it takes a part of space in bag. When you have a lot of stuff in your bag, you feel annoyed to take out your tumbler. Even then, if you use lighter one, it cannot hold hot drinks enough because it is made of plastic and too small.
 If you use a tumbler for just one week, you can feel unexpected advantages. Although you need to carry and pay attention to it, you will be satisfied after using it. Not only protection of the environment but also for convenience, why don’t you use a tumbler? I hope you will start to use a tumbler soon.


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