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A Person who Makes Space for a PersonDesigning a building, Architect Do-Young Kim
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  Have you ever tried assembling LEGO? I have had the joyful experience of looking at a LEGO house that I personally built. Just as I felt delighted to see the LEGO house I completed, I believe the architects who design and construct the buildings we use would also feel joy and accomplishment when they see us living inside those buildings. In this way, let's meet architect Kim Do-young and learn more about architects who design and build the buildings we use.

What does an architect do?

 In brief, the work of an architect involves much more than just emphasizing the aesthetics of a building. We conduct extensive research on the integration with the surrounding land, sustainability, and futuristic architecture. Through research, we provide design and blueprints as evidence to create better environments and safe spaces. I believe this is the essence of an architect's work.
Are there any changes, trends, or fashions in architecture design that have evolved over time?
 In the past, buildings were viewed as simple structures, but now more subdivided, future-oriented, and sustainable architecture can be seen as a trend. In particular, in modern times, environmental problems and catastrophic problems must be considered. In short, I think it is a trend that people's preferences and sustainable, future-oriented things can work together.
What motivated you to decide to become an architect?
 I have always been fascinated by sports games and had a keen interest in stadiums from a young age. The wide vistas and diverse design elements offered by stadiums have captivated me, and I have become enamored with the allure of architecture.
What are the difficulties of working as an architect?
 Along with the extensive thoughts and considerations involved in planning to create a favorable environment, it is challenging to adhere to regulations and strive to elicit positive responses from most people through the design. Additionally, I feel a difficulty when the contemplated space cannot be completed perfectly.
Among various tasks such as planning, design, and modeling, which one is your favorite task? What is the reason?
 Planning, design, and modeling are essential elements in the construction of buildings. There is no specific priority. It is important to appreciate and enjoy all aspects of the job to find it truly captivating. The moment you determine a priority for the appealing aspects of the work, you would become biased towards one specific task.
After studying extensively for five years in an architecture undergraduate program, how has this process been helpful in your professional practice? Additionally, what areas do you still feel are lacking or need improvement?
 During my time in school, I found that it not only provided practical knowledge for professional work but greatly benefited me in the realm of design. Over the course of five years, I did drawing and creating various things, which I believe has contributed to my current ability to derive better design inspiration. I think that having a lot of experience in converging them to produce good results is very helpful for the development of current abilities. I have never been satisfied with any of my architectural projects. Upon completion, I always feel a sense of regret and perceive them as lacking. As a result, I am constantly engaged in an endless cycle of reflection and research, striving for continuous improvement in the future.
 We have listened to the story of Architect Do-young Kim. The answer that he nurtured his dream through sports stadiums was particularly impressive for me. Beyond simply liking sports, he became interested in the stadium and developed his dream. Many college students say they don't know what they want to do yet. I think this answer gave them one of the many ways to find a dream. Do-young Kim also said, "The various experiences I had at school were helpful in practice, We have to produce various results," he said, and through this, I learned what students should get from college and what experiences are important in the future. I hope that this article can help aspiring architects or students who have an interest in building architecture.
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