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Students' Thoughts on Gachon University's Lecture ProgramWhat Classes Did You Choose for the 2023 Spring Semester?
Kim Hyun Seo  |  candle02@o365.gachon.ac.kr
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▲ Source: Notice of Application for the Teaching Support Program

 Gachon University is making great efforts to enhance student’s learning effectiveness. The representative effort is the beginning of a new teaching method. However, from the student’s perspective, it is challenging to choose unfamiliar programs. Moreover, for freshmen, who have not experienced new teaching methods, it is even more difficult to guess the advantages and disadvantages of each different program. Therefore, in this Campus Talk, we gathered opinions from students who have taken classes in new programs to assist fellow Gachon students who are preparing for their upcoming semester.

Implemented Programs:

 Among the 16 survey participants, 62.5% mentioned that they have experienced an ‘Adaptive Learning’ program, while 37.5% have experienced the ‘Flipped Learning’ program. Both programs share a common process of pre-learning steps through Cyber Campus. From this, we can see that the implemented programs have mostly stayed within the formal teaching method. Let's hear some opinions from a few students who participated in the survey.

안승환 (Physics department, ‘23)
I was satisfied with the Flipped Learning program. The good part of this program is that the students can review the lectures after class and preview them before class.

정윤주 (Physics department, ‘23)
I was satisfied with the Adaptive Learning program. Because it is possible to take a lecture again and thanks to the pre-learning process, I could attend class with a full understanding of the day's class.

박주연 (Physics department, ‘23)
I was not satisfied with the Adaptive Learning program. While making a plan for the whole semester, I considered every professor’s teaching style and chose the class. But after the semester started, I realized that every professor takes part in pre-learning.

변선영 (Department of Architectural Engineering, ‘22)
I was not satisfied with the Adaptive Learning approach. Although they claimed that assignments and quiz difficulties would vary based on each student’s understanding of the lectures, it didn't happen. Eventually, I had a hard time keeping up with the pace of the lectures

 Both Adaptive Learning and Flipped Learning programs are two very similar programs. But they can be distinguished by one step. In the Adaptive Learning program, there are some steps to identifying the students' understanding. Additionally, the Flipped Learning program is explicitly indicated by adding "Flipped Learning" after the class name, which makes it easier for students to identify the program. However, the Adaptive Learning program doesn’t have such a clear indication. As a result, students can choose different approaches for the same course in Flipped Learning program, but the Adaptive Learning program. Furthermore, students who have experienced the Adaptive Learning program mentioned that generally, an entire class in the subject executes the Adaptive Learning program. As a result, every professor who teaches the subject takes turns filming the online pre-learning lecture throughout the semester. This is why some students expressed disappointment as they felt there was no need to consider the class reviews and plan for their schedules in the first place.

Most attractive program to take as the class:


 Moving on, to a program that appeals to students. Apart from experience, we asked students about the most interesting course based on the program introductions.

서수연 (Physics department, ‘23):
I would like to take the G-MOOC (online content for more than 12 weeks and classroom lectures for more than 2 weeks) program. So I liked the introduction that the program will allow students to take classes whenever they want.

남유준 (Physics department, ‘23):
I would like to take the AR/VR program. It's a new teaching method for me so I am curious about it.

Least attractive program to take as the class:


Because most of the interviewers were freshmen, disappointed programs were chosen as the not attractive program. Below are interviews with students who had a specific answer to the question.

김현수 (Physics department, ‘23):
I don't want to take the AR/VR program. Even it's only a five-minute content, I'm unsure how to make it.

민성현 (Physics department, ‘23):
I don't want to take the MOOC+ (video lectures and adaptive learning) program. I'm not good at self-directed learning, so I don't think I can study effectively.

 As we conducted the Campus Talk, we were able to confirm the current situation of various programs for the student’s learning effectiveness. However, we also observed the reality that only programs that can be introduced based on existing teaching methods were being implemented. Moreover, a significant number of students answered that they were unaware of programs beyond their experiences. If many programs are enforced into various subjects, students will have more opportunities to take courses that are suitable for their individual learning preferences. Eventually, Gachon University can achieve its goal of enhancing learning effectiveness. So, to achieve this I believe that the university has to introduce subject-specific programs and gather feedback about the programs. Imagine that each different class is ready for you with the various programs. Which lecture would you like to take?

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