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Living wIth VideosPark Min-Ho (Computer Science, ’23), the representative freshman YouTuber of Gachon University.
Kim Si-On  |  6788zion@gmail.com
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 These days, university students are expected not only to excel at their academics but also to cultivate and enhance their identity through various extracurricular activities. Among various extracurricular activities, managing a YouTube channel requires complicated procedures such as brainstorming ideas, producing content, and video editing. In addition, the uniqueness of the content itself is considered important. The representative freshman YouTuber of Gachon University, Park Min-Ho (Computer Science, '23) known as "Meolimino" has made a significant and positive impact on promoting our university through consistent uploads of vlogs featuring Gachon University events, starting with a video that gained over 80,000 views showcasing his successful university acceptance video. He has accomplished academically as well. In this article, let’s get tips on developing the ability to produce content as well as managing school life.

1. What was the reason for starting YouTube?

 There wasn’t a specific reason, but I’ve always had this vague idea of wanting to have my own YouTube channel since I was a child. I moved into the action when I was a senior in high school that I began creating videos to document and share my life and memories. I took advantage of being a high school senior in Korea, a time when people tend to pay attention to whatever you’re doing. I hope my YouTube videos can become an indicator when someone asks me what Park Min-Ho was like during his youth.

2. What was the most memorable experience you had while managing your YouTube Channel?
 The most memorable experience I had was participating in the YouTube Mukbang Content Competition hosted by the renowned sushi buffet franchise, “KuuKuu”. For the competition, I downloaded fonts to add subtitles for the first time and put a lot of effort into the editing process. As a result, I won the grand prize and was given the chance to visit the headquarters of “KuuKuu”. It was the first time I received compensation for my videos. Through this experience, I began to pay more attention to video editing.

3. You’ve been consistently uploading videos for the past year. What was the driving force?
 The greatest motivation for me comes from the comments left by my subscribers. There were moments when I was fall into a slump while running my YouTube channel. Despite taking hours in video editing, I often received only around 30 views, which made me feel frustrated and defeated. However, as time went on, I began to gain subscribers who consistently interacted with me whenever I broadcast live. It was at this point that I decided to keep uploading videos for them. Moreover, the comments from high school students saying that my videos make them laugh during busy school lives encouraged me to continue creating content.
4. With a high frequency of video uploads, what’s the key to balancing it with academic responsibilities?
 Instead of setting up a camera to create videos, I integrate cameras into my everyday life. For instance, if I have a lecture scheduled at the Vision Tower for the first period, I would watch YouTube Shorts for video inspiration before class. After the lecture, I utilize my free time to take videos. When it comes to vlogs, I record my daily life casually. During exam periods, my primary focus shifts to studying. I edited the previously recorded videos during my break to balance YouTube management and academics.

5. Have you ever had any experience studying video production?
 I’ve never formally studied video production. I impulsively purchased the video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro to start video making. Whenever I had a problem editing the videos, I watched other YouTube videos as a reference. This is how I acquire the necessary skills for video production, including techniques like video trimming and utilizing Chroma Key.
6. When creating videos, what do you consider the most important aspect?
 The most crucial element in a YouTube video is the viewing time. Viewing time indicates that viewers have watched the video to the end without pressing the rewind button. Viewing time is closely linked to revenue generation, so during video production, the primary focus is often on cuts to maintain viewer engagement. I aim to create concise and impactful videos ensuring that even a single minute or second is free from dull or audio-less segments.

7. With the start of the second semester, what plans do you have for your YouTube channel?
 Similar to the first semester, I’m planning to consistently product contents about my school-life. Additionally, given that the second semester is the period when current high school seniors are getting into the full swing of their college entrance exams, I intend to produce videos related to that theme. I want to interview younger high school students to provide information about college admissions and create supportive content to help students who are in the same position I was in a year ago. Through these efforts, I aim to assist and encourage my juniors.

8. Do you have any tips for fellow students who aspire to become content creators?
 The tip I can give to fellow students who aspire to become content creators is that you shouldn't give up before reaching 100 subscribers. This is the information I learned by watching videos related to YouTuber training when I had only 30 to 40 subscribers. It took 8 to 9 months for the "Meolimino" channel to reach 100 subscribers, but from then on, the number of subscribers started to grow rapidly. It was at this stage that my channel began to gain more attention. Therefore, I would like to say don't give up until you reach 100 subscribers.
 I hope you gained insight into both YouTube video creation and managing extracurricular activities through the interview with Park Min-Ho, also known as the YouTuber “Meolimino” who documents and shares his life through YouTube. I suggest that fellow students at Gachon University explore YouTube operations among different extracurricular activities to establish their own unique identity.


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