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2023, How Was Your First Semester?From 1st to 2nd Semester: Preparing Ahead
Kim Hyun Seo  |  candle02@o365.gachon.ac.kr
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Who: Gachon Herald reporters
When: 2023.07.21. ~ 2023.07.26.
Where: Gachon Herald Instagram
What: Share a review of the first semester of 2023
Why: After the end of the first semester, we are too busy enjoying our vacation. However, it is important to reflect on the first semester before we start scheduling for the second semester, so this special event will be a chance to remember and share our first semester.
How: Post photos and a one-line review from the semester and resolutions for the second semester, as an Instagram story or comment.

Prize Winner: Lee Seo-Hyun


 I feel like I've tried every restaurant in town over the semester. For the second semester, I'm going to cut back a bit and aim for a 4.3 average grade score.

Prize Winner: Byun Sun-young


 It was a great first semester because I was able to take experimental classes for the first time in a semester and study something related to my interests! For the second semester, I hope to work a little harder and get a merit scholarship, and I also hope to participate in a lot of other activities to make my second semester full. :)

 Vacation time is a precious time for all of us. It's a busy time, and it's over before you know it. However, to have a better next semester, it is also necessary to reflect on the previous semester and make resolutions. The various reviews were sent to the Gachon Herald, those were mostly about their resolution to achieve their target grades. The students who participated in the special event hope to achieve their goals by studying hard during the rest of the vacation and making up for the shortcomings of the previous semester. We hope that this special event will help all Gachon students to have a moment to reflect on first semester and prepare for a better second semester.

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