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There is No Abandoned ExperienceHow to grow through experience
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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 Do you enjoy challenges usually? Honestly, I don’t enjoy them. However, I try to take on challenges continuously. I attempt to challenge more and more, beginning with the little things that other people don’t think are challenges. For instance, I was afraid of calling with strangers originally, but now I am good at delivery ordering. Also, I have extremely hated speaking in front of other people before, but I have become the chief of the Gachon Herald and presented in front of every press clerk and professors. A turning point for someone like me who avoided doing things they didn’t like was my friend’s words. This friend enjoys doing a variety of experiences and accept failed experiences positively. After hearing my friend’s words, I had the thought that ‘I can grow more when I success to do the tasks that I want to avoid’. A pleasant feeling is doubled when completing the tasks that I don’t like than finishing the tasks that I like.
 Fortunately, many things I encountered after becoming an adult gave me opportunities for a challenge. The university has even more options than a middle school or a high school and is the place of numerous experiences that I couldn’t do before. Therefore, I won’t be only satisfied with the experiences at university, and I will come across and challenge much more things, working as an office worker after graduating from the university. Also, I will expand my horizons through various experiences, adapt to a different environment, and understand others. What about gaining courage and confidence through challenge and new experiences like me? 
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