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1. I want to improve my conversational abilities but it’s hard to attend a language institute for financial reasons as well as my hectic schedule. What are the efficient ways of improving the conversational abilities by myself?
  It is not easy to improve English-speaking competence in a non-English speaking country because you can't easily find people to speak with. If so, try to set up an environment in which you can use English. Find partners who want to practice conversational English. Decide a topic to cover at each meeting and look up words and expressions you want to use in advance. You need to make a strict rule not to use any Korean during the conversation. By doing this for a period of time, you can build up your fluency in English.

2. Many students memorize the sentences in the MP3 file when they study English conversation. How can we use this effectively?
  Once you have memorized English sentences from an audio tape, play a role in the dialogue with your conversation partner. Play it several times with different roles each time.
Actually audio tapes show you only one response to each question. In a real conversation, however, the answers can vary according to the situation. Use a variety of media such as sitcoms and movies that can provide you various situations and responses. You will learn when to use each expression in each appropriate situation.

3. Some students think studying grammar is boring. And it can be so easy to lose concentration while studying. What is the best way to study grammar?
  There is no royal road to learning English. You should choose a grammar book appropriate for your English level. After you learn grammar rules in each chapter, do the exercises in a workbook to practice what you have learned. You'd better solve sample questions from the previous tests if you are preparing for English tests. It is a good idea to make a study group if you can't keep your own study plan.

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