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Let’s Save Our Home Planet!Let my people go surfing, Patagonia
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2023.12.27  15:31:39
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  Recently, responsible ESG management has emerged as an important priority in various industries with many companies investing in corporate social values. Patagonia, a fashion brand, is one of the famous companies in ESG management. They have a novel concept encouraging customers to, "buy only the one you need, choose high quality, and fix it'. Patagonia has devoted itself to solving environmental pollution problems and producing sustainable clothes for the past 50 years.

 To this day, they have partnerships with several environmental groups showcasing remarkable activities. They range from fair-trade to organic agriculture. Patagonia actively develops eco-friendly technologies to solve the problem of fast-fashion that contributes to environmental pollution. One example is their organic cotton supply process that eliminates the use of chemicals. They have the perfect system to monitor their fiber production process as a certification agency. This proves that Patagonia's ESG management is not just a show, but a genuine action. Patagonia leads consumers to better patterns of consumption and changes behavior towards the global environment and sustainable future. Therefore, their various campaigns are continuously delivering global messages.





 Let's look at Patagonia's campaign, ‘We don't sell'. This campaign from Patagonia Korea, criticizes the Korean fashion industry for changing rapidly by following the fashion of famous celebrities and influencers. They also urge consumers to change their behavior. In addition, Patagonia introduced its organic, recycling, and fair-trade production methods by representing standards for sustainable consumption.

 In addition to their campaigns, Patagonia also has a unique marketing strategy. One example is an advertisement titled, "Don't buy this jacket". It provides information on the impact of consumption on the environment. They show their own colors through messages as well as advertisements. Patagonia repairs consumers' old products and offers excellent quality. They are spreading their own management philosophy in that they provide products that can be worn for a long time.
 In addition, Patagonia donates 1% of their annual sales each year through a campaign called '1% for the Planet'. Also, they continue to engage in a variety of activities, such as designing t-shirts that criticize of the U.S. government's policies on environmental pollution. Patagonia stands out as a company that aims for a sustainable environment. Why don't you participate in related campaigns and ethical consumption?


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