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Plan, Operate, Volunteer‘Veritas’, the college student planning team, Director Park Gyu-ri.
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  Have you ever engaged in volunteer activities? Within the campus, fellow students participate in various volunteer activities as a mandatory requirement for a certain period of time. Each student gains diverse experiences through these volunteer activities.
When deciding what volunteer work to do, individuals may choose based on their own characteristics, proximity to the location, or various other personal criteria.
If you wish to participate in volunteer activities for youth or create memorable experiences through volunteering, we encourage you to join the college student planning team, 'Veritas.'
Let's take a closer look at the interview with Director Park Gyu-ri of 'Veritas' and learn more about it.

Q1. Could you please provide a brief introduction of 'Veritas'?
 Veritas is an self-governing organization affiliated with Chungwon Youth Training Center, serving as a planning group for youth programs composed of college students.
Regular planning meeting is held every saturday, and through directly planned programs, efforts are made to enhance the mental and physical well-being of youth while providing them with enjoyable experiences.

Q2. What is the most memorable program among the ones you have planned and executed?
 In August of this year, we recruited twenty middle school students and conducted a digital detox camp called, 'Goodbye, Blue Light’, For a day, we distanced the use of digital devices, including smartphones, and focused on dynamic activities to inspire the energetic lifestyle of youth. This activity was meaningful in fostering enthusiastic living among adolescents.
The members of Veritas worked tirelessly, squeezing their brains together with the goal of creating unforgettable memories for the students on a hot summer day. Several months before the event day, we held overnight meetings and rehearsals exclusively for this day. Although it was challenging, it turned out to be the most rewarding and lingering activity for Veritas.

Q3. I heard that you guys also participate in events held in the training center. What was the most recent event you guys participated in?
 The most recent event we participated in is the annual ‘Ullimmadang’(어울림마당) held at the training center every September. ‘Ullimmadang’(어울림마당) is an event aimed at fostering a youth-centered local community, with various youth clubs participating with booths. Veritas prepared activities at the the booth named ‘Beat Veritas!’, where citizens, including families and friends, joined in various groups to play step-by-step games and winners received a ‘croffle’ as a treat.

Q4. Among the people you've met during Veritas activities, who is the most memorable person, and why?
 I became a member of Veritas in March 2022. The most memorable person for me is Lee Saelak, who was the director at that time. I often observed her working day and night to alleviate the efforts of Veritas members, also I felt sorry for not being able to contribute more actively. I found myself thinking, 'If I were the director, could I sacrifice to such an extent for Veritas activities?' Along with that thought, I felt a sense of admiration. Before stepping down from the director position, she laid a solid foundation for Veritas activities and provided me with many pieces of advice regarding the responsibilities I should uphold as a director. Even now, while engaging in Veritas activities, I rely on her for guidance when I lack confidence in my decisions as a director.

Q5. If there is an activity you would like to plan in the future, what would it be?
 I have a topic that I've been thinking about for a long time. Since all Veritas members are college students with diverse majors, I would like to plan an activity that utilizes this diversity to allow youth to experience various majors. I believe this could be significantly beneficial for the youth in terms of their career choices and could also serve as an opportunity for Veritas members to have pride in their own majors and grow up.

Q6. What concerns or challenges are you experiencing as the director?
 Being the director, there are often times when I have to give stern advice to the members, even though it's not my sincere intention. I find myself thinking a lot about how to convey my message effectively without causing too much harm to the members. Additionally, as an autonomous organization affiliated with Chungwon Youth Training Center, I sometimes face challenges in mediating disagreements between the training center officials and the members.

Q7. What qualities should one possess as a Veritas member?
 As a self-governing organization responsible for planning programs, creativity is undoubtedly important, but I believe that more than anything else, a sense of responsibility is crucial. Veritas has four departments, and each member belongs to a department that aligns with their capabilities, holding a specific role. Since every member's role is vital and indispensable for the operation of Veritas, it is essential for everyone to feel a strong sense of responsibility and fulfill their duties accordingly.

Q8. A final word for the young individuals who want to join Veritas?
 If you want to provide joyful and happy experiences for youth, have many things you want to try but haven't found a place to unfold them, or wish to create meaningful and unforgettable memories with diverse young individuals in front of your twenties, I encourage you to take on the challenge without hesitation. You will clearly encounter a version of yourself enjoying the experience without regrets.
 Through the interview, I learned about the organization, 'Veritas'. Veritas members plan and operate programs for youth, creating joy and memories. Some classmates might consider volunteer activities as bothersome or a waste of time. However, depending on the type of volunteer activity and the mindset, engaging in activities that help others can actually be more beneficial for oneself. Participate in volunteer activities that suit one's preferences and experience the joy of service on a larger scale. Why don’t you give it a try? How about giving it a try?
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