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Exploring Gachon University with the Eyes: Innovative Online Campus Tour through the MetaverseA Journey through Virtual Spaces
Kim su hyun  |  iam_suhyun@naver.com
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Updated : 2023.12.29  16:13:48
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 Have you ever heard of the term "metaverse," a space beyond physical boundaries? In 2022, Gachon University student Kim Jaewon utilized the online gaming platform and game development system, Roblox, to create an easily accessible virtual space for exploring the Gachon University campus. In this brief, we will introduce an online campus tour that allows current students, as well as external visitors, to virtually navigate through various facilities and environments within and around Gachon University.
- Introduction to the Online Campus Tour
 With the advancement of digital technology and virtual reality, a new form of campus tour has emerged—the metaverse campus tour. Gachon University's online campus tour is a service that guides users through the main campus using Google Maps integration. It consists of photos and descriptions of key buildings around the current location. By utilizing the online campus tour, individuals can vividly experience the scale and facilities of the university, exploring classrooms, libraries, dormitories, gymnasiums, sports fields, and more. Moreover, users can gather information about the university's support and services.
- How to Use the Online Campus Tour
Sign up and log in to Roblox (free).
2) Access Gachon University's metaverse.
Go to the Roblox home page.
Search for "METAGachon_UNIV/@gachon_university" or use this link: https://web.roblox.com/games/12810321773/METAGachon-UNIV
Click the play button to install and run the program.
- Introduction to the Online Campus Tour
 Unlike other university’s online campus tours, Gachon University's tour utilizes the "Roblox" platform, providing high accessibility and familiarity. This allows easy navigation and usage without time or location constraints. Gachon University, through Roblox, has implemented not only the Global Campus and Medical Campus but also the Enhancement Campus, Medical School, and the Gachon Global Center in Hawaii. Additionally, the university offers a unique experience with a special bus tour led by a shaman and a racing game designed with infinite symbols, emphasizing Gachon University's distinctiveness.
 Gachon University's online campus tour effectively promotes our charming university, and highlights its strengths, and provides clear information to students. For currently-enrolled students, interaction through the metaverse enhances a sense of belonging, while prospective students build anticipation for university life. Visitors outside, too, find answers to their curiosity about Gachon University. We encourage everyone to explore the new face of Gachon University through the metaverse.
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