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Youth, Fighting!What is your dream?
BYUN Eun Mi  |  bem3897@gmail.com
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Updated : 2012.12.27  13:47:03
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  We have had a lot of failures and frustrations over the years. Youngsters go through an ordeal that can happen to any of us. Nowadays, our “abilities” and finding a job are so much more important for university students. Students are dreaming of a happy life where they have a comfortable job and meet a good spouse---that is the life that most people want to lead. However, the problem is that everyone wants the same type of life. Many of us say all these things without really knowing what we want to do with our future. We are just searching for happiness, without having a clue on what would make us happy. Will we truly be happy in our thirties and forties? For those who are struggling to find the answers to these problems, I recommend a book called “It is okay to wander” by Buddhist Monk Dharma Cakra.

  In the title of the book, the word ‘wandering’ does not mean a rebellious phase as we know. In Monk Dharma’s definition, the word “wandering” is meant for students to have some time to clear their heads and think deeply about their own future. The book offers advice on everyday problems such as: love, dating, employment, exams, and friends. Monk Dharma has answered questions from people our age, and I could relate to the solutions and advice offered throughout the book. There is a section where the monk says “It doesn’t matter if you fall three times or ten, just make sure you get back up and don’t think too much about it. If we fall, then we are meant to get back up again and just move forward. Do not think of it as a setback, just keep moving forward.” I was particularly moved by this part and I would like to share this with others as well.
  These days, the most recent subject matter has been about ‘healing,’ and Monk Dharma’s books have been in the best-selling books for a while. Monk Beopjeong and Hyemin’s books have also been on the list as well. Monk Hyemin’s “Stopping to see” has been on the list for over 12 weeks and it has certainly gained people’s attention. Why are books written by monks so popular? Perhaps it means that youths are seeking healing and being healed by these books.
  In these troubling times, we youths can suffer and go through a lot during our twenties. Don’t think you failed just because things do not work out the way you planned, instead think of it as an obstacle that we are going through to improve ourselves. For those who think this book is about religion, it isn’t. Think of this book as a self-help book. It is definitely worth your while. I recommended reading this book with a calm and open mind. I hope this can be a good experience that can help those who are in need of healing.

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