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Meaningful Mornings with the Miracle MorningEnergize Your Day with a Powerful Morning Routine
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 How do you typically start your day? Isn't it challenging to get up every morning? Here’s a way that you can gain energy and potentially transform your life. 'The Miracle Morning' is a concept first introduced by American author Hal Elrod in his 2016 self-improvement book of the same name. It advocates utilizing the quiet time before the day begins for activities like meditation, studying, or exercise. Currently, 'The Miracle Morning' is gaining popularity, with over two million related posts on Instagram. Let's explore more about Hal Elrod's 'Miracle Morning' together.
The Six Steps of the Miracle Morning
 In this book, the author introduces the 6-step Miracle Morning. The first step is silence, a time to find the purpose of life, not just keeping quiet. Silence has the power to calm a life accustomed to stimulation in a serene and peaceful manner. The second step involves affirmations, vocalizing positive commitments that instill confidence influencing the subconscious mind, thereby overcoming past fears and limitations. The third step is visualizing the results of your affirmations, imagining positive outcomes to enhance the likelihood of achieving them in reality. The fourth step is exercise, morning workouts helps us to clear the mind, awaken the body, and maintain elevated energy levels. Reading is the fifth step, recognized as the swiftest way to change one's life, with just ten pages of morning reading considered sufficient. If you read ten pages every day, you can read eighteen books of 200 pages in a year. The final step is writing, recording helps clarify thoughts, articulate ideas more distinctly, and store memories for easy retrieval. By completing these six steps, you can commence the day with enthusiasm, strength, and inspiration.

Why is it Miracle "Morning"

 Why is it called ‘Miracle Morning’ instead of ‘Miracle Evening’? Late night, after wrapping up daily tasks, is often too exhausting to focus on self-improvement efficiently. Steve, a self-improvement writer in the U.S., said, "The first hour of the day sets the tone for the day," emphasizing how spending the initial hour of the day shapes the entire course of the day. Engaging in self-improvement in the morning establishes a positive and enthusiastic tone, spending the rest your time more energetic and focused
How to Wake Up Well
 First, relocate the alarm clock to a distant spot that is out of reach, compelling yourself to rise from bed to turn it off. By doing it, you are left with no choice but to get out of bed to silence the alarm. Secondly, be sure to drink a cup of water. Water is a vital component for fatigue recovery. Upon waking up, the body is often in a state of mild dehydration, leading to lethargy and fatigue. Hence, replenishing fluids immediately upon awaken is crucial. Lastly, don workout attire and venture outside to commence the Miracle Morning promptly. Morning exercise has the potential to significantly elevate mental, physical, and emotional states.
How Long?
 The timing of practicing Miracle Morning is not important. What matters is identifying what you can do in even a short amount of time, sticking to it, and cultivating self-assurance. The author of Miracle Morning suggests a 6-minute Miracle Morning routine. Starting small and gradually increasing the time spent on activities is advisable.

Attitude of the Miracle Morning

 The purpose of the Miracle Morning is self-care, not success. There should be no self-blame or stress for not achieving success. Developing an obsession with sleep or being overly planned are also discouraged.
My Miracle Morning
 In my case, I faced difficulty waking up in the morning, typically starting the day with the phone. Recognizing the need to alter this routine for a more productive life, I decided to take on the Miracle Morning challenge for a week. Initially, I experimented with a 30-minute Miracle Morning without putting a lot of pressure on myself. Upon waking up, the first ten minutes was dedicated to meditation and quietly organizing my thoughts. In contrast to the usual chaotic mornings, I was able to calmly start the day with a sense of peace. For the second ten minutes, I read a book that I wanted, but I delayed under the excuse that I didn't have time to read it. For the last ten minutes, I prepared to start the day by moving my body with light stretching and exercise. Thirty minutes was a short time, but I was satisfied to have time to focus entirely on myself, and I was proud to keep my promise. So after that, I decided to extend this routine, doubling the time to an hour. I had to wake up an hour earlier than usual, but I could wake up in a good mood thinking of doing activities that would help me.
 It was a short period of time, but I practiced Miracle Morning and used my morning time that I wanted before. The clear purpose of waking up positively transformed negative emotions associated with mornings into positive ones. The day seemed longer, and evening hours were spent more leisurely and attentively. To implement the Miracle Morning efficiently, participating in a community or utilizing apps like 'Challengers' for motivation can be beneficial.
 The author of the Miracle Morning claims, "The level of success is hard to surpass beyond the level of self-development." I hope it will be an opportunity for personal growth through Miracle Morning, where you can take control of your time and add various habits to your life. 


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