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The Organization That Solves Social Problems in Business, ‘Enactus'Paraglider upcycling gym sack project
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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 Have you ever heard of 'Enactus'? Enactus is an organization where nearly 70,000 students in 36 countries participate in programs to bring improvements for community members. Its goal is to realize social responsibility and value innovation utilizing the positive power of a business, they prove that they can make positive economic, social, and environmental effects by incorporating management theory into helping other people. So, let's look into what kind of projects 'Enactus Gachon' have worked on recently.
 Not long ago, Team ‘Cloth-Up’ of Enactus Gachon moved forward with an upcycling project. Waste fibers, which average of around 27,000 tons per day, are a major cause of environmental pollution. Many of these waste products still have value even after they have been disposed of. For example, paragliders are discarded after two years for the reason of safety. Therefore, Enactus Gachon proceeded with a project recycling nylon fiber of paragliders which are discarded since they have exhausted their original use as clothes even though there is no problem in using it.
 At first, they signed an MOU with '패러에 반하다' in Danyang for use of abandoned paragliders. They surveyed the design of the nylon gymsack on the main target group, the 2030 generation, and based on this, they designed the gymsack of the stopper design with enough storage space. Also, as its design is reversible and can be utilized both outside and inside, environmental value was considered, reducing carbon emissions by about double. After that, they completed producing a gym sack of trendy designs while minimizing leftover waste through two interviews with a fashion design professor. Finally, they promoted the reversible function and enough storage space which are differentiated from other products. For instance, they proceeded with a trial event three times, displaying their samples of gymsack at the upcycling workshop '역' and youth facility. As a result, they made it big, achieving about 360% of the target amount.
 As they considered environmental values important in the upcycling gymsack project, Gachon students who read this article may be curious about 'how this project has had a positive influence on the environment.' The team Cloth-up used a paraglider measuring about 35 square meters and saved a total of 360 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Selling upcycling products while making good use of extreme sports waste led to responsible ethical consumption, and created social and environmental impacts.
 Environmental pollution issues are becoming more serious because of fast fashion that pursues fast product turnover these days. So, Enactus Gachon proceeded with a project that could step closer to ethical consumption by making upcycling products using wastes that are discarded although they can be used in other ways. Why don’t we cheer on Enactus Gachon as they proceed with various projects to solve economic, environmental, and social problems?
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