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Would You Participate in Dating Reality Shows like ‘Exchange’, ‘Single's Inferno season’, ‘Heart Signal’?College Students' Perspectives and Choices in Mass Media
Kim su hyun  |  iam_suhyun@naver.com
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 In recent times, dating reality shows such as "EXchange," " Single's Inferno season," and "Heart Signal" have been hot topics in the media, attracting significant attention from college students. These programs offer diverse perspectives on romantic situations, leading to various opinions among college students regarding participation. This article aims to explore the diverse viewpoints and stances of students, shedding light on factors they consider when contemplating involvement in dating reality shows.
 Shows like "EXchange" "Solo Hell," and "Single's Inferno season" mimic real-life romantic scenarios, presenting viewers with fresh perspectives. By depicting various romantic scenarios and addressing a range of emotions and issues one might encounter in real life, these programs resonate with viewers and garner their empathy and engagement. The human aspects, dilemmas, and conflicts surrounding love portrayed by the characters provide viewers with comfort and empathy, while the charm and chemistry of the personalities involved captivate audiences. To delve deeper into college students' perspectives on dating reality shows, a Google survey targe students at Gachon University was conducted.

[Extent of Watching and Willingness to Participate in Dating Reality Shows]


 Among the surveyed students, the majority frequently watch dating reality shows, with an equal split between those willing to participate and those unwilling. Among students willing to participate, the preferred shows in descending order were "EXchange," "Single’s Inferno season," and "Love Catcher."

[Reasons for Participating/Not Participating in Dating Reality Shows]
Jung Dawon (Class of '23, English Language and Literature) – Against Participation

If given the chance, I would not participate in dating reality shows. It's uncomfortable for me to have my romantic life exposed to a large audience, and I believe it's unfair to face criticism due to the mistakes of participants in these shows, despite the intention to foster empathy among viewers.
Lee Seoyeon (Class of '22, Early Childhood Education) – In Favor of Participation
If given the opportunity, I would participate in dating reality shows. I've watched such shows and found them intriguing, offering insights into human nature and emotions I haven't experienced before. I'm curious about how I'd be perceived by others and eager to explore various emotions through participation. Moreover, I believe the issue of media exposure and criticism toward ordinary individuals participating in entertainment shows is a serious matter that requires careful consideration.
[Changes after Watching Dating Reality Shows]

 According to the survey results, college students watch dating reality shows to experience indirectly situations they might not encounter in real life and to empathize with characters' emotions. Additionally, they seek entertainment by relating to characters' emotions. This emotional resonance reflects a desire to share and understand emotions difficult to experience firsthand. Students willing to participate in dating reality shows express a willingness to share their own romantic experiences, communicate with diverse individuals, and grow through such experiences. This proactive attitude demonstrates a desire for personal development and forming new connections. Conversely, students unwilling to participate express concerns about privacy and fear of negative portrayal due to exaggerated editing in these shows. This highlights concerns regarding personal secrets and privacy associated with participation.


 The article provides a comprehensive overview of college students' perspectives on whether to participate in dating reality shows like "EXchange," "Single’s Inferno season," and "Heart Signal." Overall, these shows offer viewers a glimpse into emotions and situations often inaccessible in real life, providing empathy and entertainment. Whether one chooses to participate or not, it's essential to uphold personal values and navigate life accordingly. These shows are merely entertainment, and whatever decision is made, it contributes to individual growth and experiences, potentially leading to better relationships and lives.


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