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The Culture Festival with Gachonians.The place to communicate and concord between international and domestic students.
CHOI Hyun Jin  |  ann528@hanmail.net
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   In 2012, there were many events with international students in Gachon University.
From 4.4~4.13/6.11~6.15,<Learn Korean for Chinese> was opened. This class was for Chinese students, free of charge, for 3hours a day at the Gachon International Language Center. It taught Chinese students Korean faster, and let them adapt to school and Korean life easily with cultural aids. It’s like killing two birds with one stone for Chinese students.
  On Sep. 7, the <Korean Thanksgiving Day with International Students> was held. The festival’s purpose was to experience Korean traditional Thanksgiving Day and to console homesickness. There were also many activities, such as tasting each country’s traditional cooking, Taekwondo, Dancing, Samulnori, making songpyeon, Korean shuttlecock, Latin dance, calligraphy and so on. It let them know our traditional culture. It was conducted at Vision Tower’s Stardom Plaza, so all students could enjoy it.
  On November 10th, the last <Culture Festival with Foreign Students> was held. The ceremony’s slogan was ‘Share, Coexistence and Accompany’ for communication and concord through international student’s interaction. In the case of the festival, all international students in Korea could attend; there were contest exhibitions, celebration concerts and mixing bibimbap in a big bowl to encourage unity.
  Recently Gachon University has increased experience with international students to become a Global University. This is beneficial to all our students and itself. If universities hold various events with international students, it would be a good opportunity to learn about and experience other cultures. We expect that there will be more opportunities in 2013 for interaction between international and Korean students!
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