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Laughter and touching moments in the story of the family.Drama
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  This is a new section, beginning from the 116th edition. It is created in order to introduce to our readers more fun and effective ways to learn English. Many of you already may know how to study English conversation while watching American dramas, but technical terms or slang from various genres can be difficult to understand. This section will help you learn what those dramas are all about.
Our first recommendation is a drama <Modern Family>. Modern Family’s wonderful script and nice rendition blasted through the comedy scene and swept the Emmy Awards in 2011. 
  The sitcom has content suitable for studying English. It is a short program, dealing with the stories of three families in everyday real life. Modern Family also indulges in deeper and inspiring contents. With 24 episodes per season, it is not boring, and has not a lot of jargon, so you will be able to feel familiar with what happens in its everyday scenarios. 
  The main characters are Phil, Claire, Jay, Gloria, Mitchell, and Cameron, consisting of three families. The Phil and Claire couple is the funniest one and their two daughters are complete opposites characters. Their youngest child is Luke, who has attention deficit disorder, and is an attractive child. In the show, Claire thinks Luke is handicapped, so she went to a mental hospital consultation with Luke. On the other hand, the couple of Jay and Gloria have quite a big age difference. Their son Manny is more mature than the other children in the show are, and he is the main comic of the show. He received a lot of loving attention due to his buxom figure. Finally, Mitchell and Cameron are a gay couple. Mitchell is a lawyer with a delicate and tenderhearted nature, and the feminine Cameron is a clown who takes great pride in his occupation. Lily is their adopted daughter. 
  Perhaps this is why the sitcom was given its title, the Modern Family, that it shows the lives of everyday Americans. We are able to live though everyday American culture though the drama, so let’s learn together by watching <Modern Family>. It is a sitcom filled with laughter.

*Tips for Effective English studying through U.S. dramas!*
1. Watch the episode more than once.
2. Concentrate
3. Familiarize yourself with the words, expressions, etc.
4. Review your favorite scenes
5. Repeat and play the part that you don’t understand.
6. Read the scripts
7. Turn off the subtitles and try to listen

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