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  Created and managed by British council, http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/ is a useful interactive web site for people who intend to learn British English.
  This site is organized into 8 sections:
1) Home
2) Listen & Watch
3) Grammar & Vocabulary
4) Fun & Games
5) Business & Work
7) Community
8) About Us
  Each section is equipped with an adequate number of clips, transcripts and fun activities in  order to allow you to learn and practice English more easily.
  The ‘Home’ section features the basic information of the site, including a short introduction of the website, the most popular video clips of the month, and the most recent comments  from its worldwide visitors.
The ‘Listen&Watch’ section provides numerous video and audio files under various categories with transcripts that will enable you to read while you listen. For example, with the "I Wanna Talk About," link you can enjoy a series of video clips featuring different people with different topics   from raising pets to life in the U.K.. With each clip, the "Preparation" link literally helps you get ready to watch and understand the clip by giving a simple vocabulary quiz. After watching the clip, the "Task" link will help you to assess how much you comprehend the material.
  The ‘Grammar&Vocabulary’ section tries to enhance your knowledge of English Grammar by intensively focusing on vocabulary with various grammar exercises and vocabulary quizzes.
  Whereas the ‘Fun&Games’ section introduces jokes and fun ways through which you can practice your English skills.
  The ‘Business&Work’ section is especially beneficial if you are intent on pursuing Business English as a professional. You can access video materials covering job interviews and recruitment processes along with transcripts and activities, and you can also learn workplace English via articles   from U.K. business magazines.
The ‘IELTS’ section is a test prep section for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) takers,   created for the site's worldwide users. IELTS tips, IELTS interview skills, and IELTS mock papers are provided, and you can also prepare for the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for the test here.
The ‘Community’ section invites you to be part of the site's learning community by way of Facebook, Twitter, and a blog. 
  Finally, the ‘About Us’ section briefly presents the site's objective of helping learners of English by encouraging them to   join, be interactive, and have fun all the while.
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