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  Life here is quite comfortable. Actually, there are not so many differences between Taiwan and Korea. Therefore, both of us get along quite well. For us, the biggest difference would be the food. Most of the food here is spicy, which is difficult for me and my friends to eat. Speaking of food, it is common to see stores selling breakfast in Taiwan, but it is rare to see that here. Therefore, we do miss the breakfast in Taiwan. Another special cultural thing is the drinking culture. In Taiwan, we can find beverage stores selling teas, but here we can find only coffee shops. Koreans love to have cups of coffee after a meal, and this would be seldom seen in our country. Moreover, if we have dinner with Korean friends, alcohol is indispensable. It’s quite interesting for me even though I’m not much of a drinker, but if we have glasses of alcohol in our hands, it feels like a party. Who doesn’t love a party? Anyway, we enjoy the culture here a lot.
  In our impressions so far, Korea is really beautiful. I am amazed by the beauty of the campuses such as our school, Ewha University, Kyung Hee University, and the historical site in Sungkyunkwan University. There are really good places to take photos, and we’ve taken gorgeous pictures. Furthermore, buildings here are unique and special. We can see a lot of individual shops like cloth shops, accessory shops, cosmetic shops, coffee shops etc. In sum, Seoul is a unique and energetic city so we can’t help but want to visit here again and again.
  As for studying, we learn Korean at the International Language Center. It’s really a good place for us to learn a new language because we have twenty hours per week to learn Korean. Although sometimes we feel tired, we still study hard in order to learn more things. Moreover, our two teachers have a great deal of passion to teach Korean. They never get tired or bored when they teach us.
  Furthermore, the most impressive thing is that after we receive our homework of composition back, we notice that teachers write words of encouragement. Hence, it really inspires us to keep learning Korean. Thanks to them, we may become Chinese teachers for Koreans one day and I think we learn not only Korean but also the passion of becoming a teacher.
  We also have another class called Public Speaking. Our teacher Graham is also a great teacher. Almost at every class we have a little group discussion about current issues, and it’s a great time for us to chat with Korean students and make friends. Moreover, we learn a great number of things from every speech. I think after finishing this class, we will overcome stage fright and be confident in speaking English gradually.
  Altogether, the whole experience here is fine and we will never forget Gachon University. We will keep studying hard and make many Korean friends.





-Jin Ok Boon,Dept. of English Language & Literature

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