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For those who don’t know the pleasure of walkingWalking heals the body and mind
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  In the high-paced modern society we live in today, there isn’t enough time to take care of our body and mind. People feel at ease only when they are sleeping. Of course, sleeping is the simple way to recover from fatigue. However, it only helps us fit into biorhythms, and depending on sleep may become a bad habit, as it tends to turn people lazy and idle. In addition, sleeping a lot can make people feel more and more fatigued.
  Then where can we find proper relief? The answer is walking.
  Walking is what we always do as part of our life, like eating and breathing. However, most people overlook the importance of walking. If they change their views of walking, it could develop not only a means of transportation but also leisure in our lives.
  What we can get through walking?
First, walking heals the body. It is a fundamental training method. Anytime and anywhere, everyone can walk at no expense. Steady walking and aerobic exercise can improve your cardio respiratory functions, break down fats, prevent obesity, and cure various adult diseases effectively. For young women, it is the most effective weight loss strategy that doesn't cause a yo-yo phenomenon and makes their body attractive. In addition, thanks to stimulation of the feett when walking, it improves your blood circulation. It is helpful to prevent high blood pressure and strengthening of the arteries. It is also helpful to prevent osteoporosis, herniated lumbar disc, and the other joint pathologies. If you walk as part of your daily exercise, you could maintain a fit body effectively and boost your basic strength like immunity and lung capacity. According to recent studies, walking is the key to a long healthy life. These health benefits are why walking, a part of our everyday living, is also considered one of the best exercise.
  Next, consider healing of the mind by walking. Walking is connected to our brain, so it helps prevent and heal stress, dementia, and depression. Try walking for five minutes, and I guarantee you will feel much better because our body produces secrete endorphins. Walking also gives us the opportunity to observe many things that we usually miss in our busy lives. It helps us relieve our stress from all the worries and work. Try walking slowly and look around you. It is the best possible way to find peace and comfort. 
Finally, walking is a way to be faithful to yourself, so we recommend that students try walking to explore your mind, body, and soul. Seoul has many theme roads, so you should check these places out. 

Nice places to walk with Family: Jeongneung Forest Road, Seorigol Park Road, Bukchon Hanok Village Road in Seongbuk-dong.
Awesome places with your loved one?: Namsan Rampart (city wall), Haneul park and Noeul Park (World Cup Park), Ecology Park in Nanji Han River Park

Beautiful view at night: Naksan Rampart (Dongdaemun), Seongdong Ecological Street, Gwanggaeto the Great Road.
Road of nature: Jiri Mountain Road, Jeju Olle Trail
For youth: Rodeo streets and downtown roads including Apgujeong and Geondae areas.

Walk! And Think! Then your body and mind are healed.

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