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esigned for non-native speakers of English, www.voaspecialenglish.com provides radio transcripts and audio files to enable its worldwide visitors to learn and practice American English. Covering various topics from the latest world news to arts and entertainment to U.S. history, each story has a transcript with an MP3 link. In order to help better understand American life and American language, the writers use short and simple sentences with a core vocabulary of 1500 words.

  The website is divided into four sections.
1) Special English: Includes Special English, Web Features, and Interactive.
In Special English, you will find the news texts of a wide range of topics with its audio file. The broadcasters read the text at a slower pace than normal to help the listeners better understand the subject, and through the process of reading and listening at the same time you can learn correct pronunciation as well as improve your English listening skills. Web Features will allow you to access more information on studying in the U.S., a professional language expert column, knowledge of the words used in the website, etc. Finally Interactive invites you to be part of the VOA community by way of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.
2) Programs: Includes TV, Radio, and More.
Programs offers short TV features that are broadcasted on satellite television. Subtitles are provided and you can also subscribe to free VOA podcasts. You can also download 3, 4, 15, and 30 minute long MP3 files of Radio features. In case you need the text script, some of the audio files in this section are the recording versions of Web Features posted in Special English.
3) The Classroom: Includes Articles, Activities, Interactive Learning, and EFL Teaching Community.
Here you can try some fun activities to improve your English ability. For each article you read, there are quizzes and exercises to expand your vocabulary and hone your comprehension and listening skills. EFL teachers can also find many useful materials and teaching plans for their classes.
4) About Us: Includes About Us, Interactive, and Web Services
This section provides guidance on how to make the most of the website. "Read, Listen, Learn" is VOA's motto, and you can navigate, download, and participate freely for that purpose from here.

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