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'Family,’, so close but so farCollege students who forget the preciousness of family
Kim Dan-Bee  |  o_o1678@naver.com
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Updated : 2013.06.03  18:17:08
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Pic 1(family portrait in the past)

Close family that filled our hearts
But now, what is your family like?


Pic 2-1(One watching TV, the other having a meal)
Pic 2-2(Door closed)
Pic 2-3(Using a smartphone without talking)

While we live our busy lives, we forget the warmest times with our families’. Now, we need to recover our estranged family relationships. What are the ways that we can solve this problem?


Pic 3-1(Eating together)

When you have a meal with your family, there is the opportunity to talk to each other.


Pic 3-2(Listening to each other, having a drink of tea)

Listening to each other's worries builds trust and understanding within family members.


Pic-3(Outdoor activities with family. Sports or travel)

Spending time with family outdoors can help us feel closeer to each other.


Pic 4(Turning off smartphones and TV)

Smart phones and the TV give us lots of pleasure but could take up family time. Turn off the TV and put down the smart phone. Have a talk with your family.


Pic 5(Happy family)

College students easily forget how precious our families are, as family is always beside us. We should not forget that they are our best supporters and source of help. Open your eyes to the preciousness of family and love each other before it's too late. Help your family to regain the harmony and love by your efforts.

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