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Everything that happens in Hotel Babylon!Spectacular routine at a hotel!
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n the 118th edition of Gachon Herald, we’ll introduce a British TV show instead of the usual American ones. Hotel Babylon. The background of the drama is a five-star hotel which symbolizes luxury itself, and it provides the best service available as well as fancy facilities. The plot revolves around the main characters to portray their sorrows and love behind the impressive façade of the showy hotel as well as the great diversities among the guests staying in the hotel.
  There are 7 main characters; general manager Rebecca, front managers Charlie, Anna, Tony, and housekeeping employees Jackie, Gino and Ben. Unlike most Korean TV dramas, Hotel Babylon does not focus on a love story but rather puts its emphasis on life as an hotelier. Each episode features a new character and proceeds around his/her life. The first episode is about Charlie and Tony who try to solve anything that they believe is possible. One day, a VIP guest requests an unreasonable favor. She has to have a fraud marriage for personal reasons and she asks Charlie to help her with proceeding the marriage. Charlie decides to help the guest not because of the feeling of friendship but for the benefit of the hotel. However they got in trouble once their general manager Rebecca and her father found out what was going on. The focus is on the process of their problem solving.
  The second episode is about illegal immigrants. The hotel often employs a group of illegal aliens for cost cutting in the hotel. They also conceal employees when immigration officers come over. When Jackie, an Australian housekeeper, had a baby, she broke up with her British husband so her legal status became uncertain. While Jackie is going through all that stuff, one of the immigrant officers finds out that she is an illegal immigrant. He makes an offer that if Jackie rats out one of the other illegal immigrants then her case will be overlooked. However Jackie refuses it because the most important thing for her is morality, faith, mutual cooperation and dependence on her team. As such, she has many inner conflicts and her status is insecure, but she still does her best for the hotel’s good. That is what she has to do as an hotelier.
  Many unexpected incidents happen in the hotel. We assume that an hotelier is an extremely kind professional who solves everything but the drama offers you an opportunity to look at their lives in a way you have never expected before. Sometimes they sing a lullaby together to put a child guest asleep, get shot by criminals, or even have to give up their special anniversaries for guests who visit their hotel. We especially recommend this drama to those who want to be called under the fancy title, “Hotelier”. This drama helps us see the other side of the job, which we conveniently believe fancy and sophisticated.
  Another merit of this drama is that it helps us study English. There are many students who have a hard time listening to British accents on TOEIC, TOEFL etc. This is because we are accustomed to American accents. So the best way to be familiar with a British accent is to watch interesting British dramas. Also this drama takes place in a prestigious five-star hotel. So there is less slang than other dramas and it gives an opportunity to learn real life English. Through watching this drama you can encounter various expressions and practical English, plus you can have fun while learning.
  Tired of those dramas that are focused on just fun and murders and stuff? Looking for different topics? Than we recommend “Hotel Babylon”

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