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  I am Ha-Young Kim at the graduate school of education in Gachon University. My study abroad story begins in California, US. In 199,5 I arrived with my family in Los Angeles where my brother was studying for his bachelors’ degree at the University of Southern California. Upon arriving in Los Angeles I was preparing for my GRE and TOEFL and got the scores that a school required. That was the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse (UWL). I started my study in 1996 at UWL. During my first school year at UWL, I opened a Taekwondo (TKD) club for the students and taught TKD and self-defense. I was happy to live in that area, however the weather was so cold, especially the winter of 1996. I had never felt that kind of weather at all, and nobody would be able to imagine it if they have not lived there. Luckily, I passed all the difficult tests, even the cold weather! I received a master’s degree in Sport Administration from the University in 1998. Right after the degree, I did not want any further study so I worked as an instructor at the UWL, teaching Taekwondo and self-defense.
  Later on I decided to pursue the path of physical education and went to Purdue University in Indiana, completing another Master’s degree in Sport Pedagogy in 2001. Then I entered West Virginia University for my Doctorate degree. I earned my Doctorate degree in Physical Education Teacher Education at West Virginia University in 2006.
  When I was in the US, I enjoyed watching all the sports, especially football. In 2001, Purdue won the Rose Bowl, which means they were college champions in the US; also WVU has a top ranked football team!! 
  I have worked at Northern Illinois University (NIU) as an assistant professor in the Physical Education Teacher Education program in the Kinesiology and Physical Education department after my graduation. I obtained the US permanent residence card (called green card) while I was working at NIU. I had a really great time and enjoyed everything in the US for many years, however, not everything was easy. Now I love working and teaching at Gachon University and never want to leave my country. So I have abandoned my green card!!

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