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Gift set for the lack of laugh in you.Comic Musical containing all of genres, Jung Chan-Woo’s Prison
LIM Sung Kyu  |  imsungkyu777@gmail.com
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an you imagine a scene on the stage of Daehak Ro, where all of the audience stands on their feet, their hands up in the air, glowing with enthusiasm? Taking pictures and videos is allowed, even during the show? Usually at Daehak Ro we silently watch the stage, sitting throughout the play. Yet there is a stage that should be considered outside the box. The title of the play is Prison, and it is produced by Jung Chan-Woo of Cultwo with the focus on ‘laughter.’ Its genre is comic musical, but even if it is a ‘musical,’ Prison is not only songs. As it includes mime, magic, and performance, it may be said Prison makes a new genre on its own. There is also a lot of audience participation, so let’s go and get this plentiful gift set.
To sum up, the musical is about four potential singers’ breakout, based on a true story of ‘Guns N’ Roses,’ one of the American legendary bands. The main characters’ names are the same as those of the band members: Axl who is the leader, Richard the guitarist, Tommy the drummer, and the youngest Brian who plays bass. They are so poor that they rob a bank and hide money under the tree at the back of the bank, but they are arrested by the police and go to jail. Their prison cell’s chief, Jung Chan-Woo, gives talent shows every night and the main characters struggle to create their performance for every night’s talent show. Meanwhile they attempt to escape many times, and finally succeed in breaking out using a loose prison officer. They go to the bank to find their money but the bank has already moved and they couldn't find their hidden money. What is worse, they are chased by the police every day.
Eventually they start to work as singers in nightclubs to make money. Even if they have a lot of trouble, they get a chance to audition and start to find happiness in life. But right at that moment, they are faced with a police arrest warrant and are in danger of going back to jail. How will their future turn out? I recommend that you see with your own eyes.
  It was a very fun 110-minute sensuous show. It frequently calls out for the audience to participate and incite the atmosphere with laughter throughout the show’s performance, magic and mime. The highlight is the final part, during which permission is given to take pictures and videos. All of the audience can stand and enjoy the main characters’ concert, and you can feel as if you were actually in a concert in a small-sized hall. There are many plays famous for audience participation, touching impressions, quality comedy, so on and so forth, but it is the first play that satisfied my eyes and ears with music, performance, and even audience’s moment of courtship that tore down a wall between genres. If you want to be filled with laugh in this lonely and cold winter, I recommend Prison. It is not a play about love but a gift set for laughter. You can watch it with your date, your family, and your friends. From March, 2013 Prison is on an open-running show with enthusiastic support. They say “If you laugh, blessings will come your way.” How about greeting the New Year with a spicy laugh from Prison?

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