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  Choi Da-Eun: I am filled with emotions as I think about writing my last editorial. When I was a freshman, I shyly submitted for the junior reporter application and now, three years have quickly passed. Later, when I look back at my university days, the Gachon Herald will remain a big part my heart. When I first entered the Gachon Herald, I thought this would be a great opportunity to improve my English skills. Having retirement ahead, I realized I gained more than English ability. As a reporter, this period was a time for me to experience and learn lots of things through leg work, feel affections for seniors, mates and juniors, and think of the role of the media and duty of journalists. As a university journalist, I paid more attention to social issues and freedom with which I expressed my voice. This was a good chance for me to grow up. I wanted to offer good articles to Gachon University students, so when the articles were finally published through the process of planning, meeting, and covering, I greatly felt worthwhile. 3 years was very busy time but it was a pleasant time that makes me proud. If I only had academic life, I would have felt empty. Being a part of the Gachon Herald makes me feel joy and all the relationships that I’ve made in here are just priceless. I am very thankful to all the seniors who have helped and gave me affection, my dear mates who understood me and supported each other when it was a difficult time, and juniors who followed well. The Gachon Herald gave me a valuable time filled with beautiful and happy memories. I love you The Gachon Herald!

  Son Ji-Hyun: It has already been 3 years since I entered The Gachon Herald. All of the events that happened in Room 5-4 at Truth Hall have been valuable gifts that have made me feel pleasure and made everything worthwhile. It has given me opportunities not only to think about national issues by inducing an interest in society, but also to experience the social life of feeling enjoyment and conflicts in advance before I graduate the university. I’m somewhat regretful that I have to leave The Gachon Herald in the moment that I finally feel assured of myself that I can manage The Gachon Herald effectively based on all the experiences that I have gained from the last 3 years. However, I’m sure that my lovely juniors will successfully lead the year 2014 better than 2013 which I managed. I hope all my colleagues, juniors and seniors to be happy and I will love our members forever.

  Lim Sung-Kyu: There is a saying, “Early training means more than late learning.” Could I say that about my campus life without The Gachon Herald? After joining, filling out an application paper with a thought of improving my English skill and experiencing a reporter’s life in advance made me who I am today. And after a short but somewhat long three years at The Gachon Herald, I am writing this editorial. During the previous three years, I met lots of mates, juniors and seniors. And the biggest enlightenment that I learned from The Gachon Herald is ‘human is first.’ Although a journalist’s role and vocation that I learned from The Gachon Herald are important, I realized that relationships between humans are the most important.
I am very pleased that I worked with solely one goal, under the name of The Gachon Herald, in this society prevailed with individualism, especially at this competitive university. I surely will miss the Truth Hall and the memory of going up and down from the first to the fifth floor. I want to say that I love you all---mates who embraced and understood every part of me, juniors who well-followed me and seniors who were like mentors to me. Finally I want to show my gratitude to God who led me to this point and end my note. I love all of you! And cheer up The Gachon Herald!

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