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The valuable things you’ve passed overThe only thing you can change is up to you. Movie 50/50
CHOI Hyun-Jin  |  ann528@hanmail.net
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  Are you living your life without regrets, protecting what’s important to you? Don’t you conform to the present life due to hectic schedule, overwhelming assignments and other inevitable situations? Maybe you are losing something more valuable than what is considered as an important thing now. Movie 50/50 shows how the main character is finding valuable things and happiness through extreme situations.
  The main character of this movie Adam is 27-year-old ordinary guy who thinks much of health. His concerns for health was severe compared to others. He obviously has never done smoking and drinking which are thought to be harmful to health and has done exercise every day. Moreover, since car accidents take up a big part of death rate, he doesn’t have a driver’s license. However, one day, Adam goes to hospital for his backache and he winds up
finding himself have a rare cancer called ‘Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor’. His survival rate is 50% which indicates the movie title. This unbelievable thing happened to ‘HIM’ who cares about health more than anything else. Along with changes of his body, his relationships with people around him also alter. First, he finds out his lover ‘Rachael’ was cheating on him. Rachael apologizes and wants to keep relationships with him but Adam refuses her and lets her go. Next, he disputes with his best friend Kyle. Where ever they go, Kyle always wants to attract women by exploiting Adam’s cancer. Adam eventually is disappointed in him and turns his back on him. Finally, he experiences some changes in his relationships with parents. Although his mother couldn’t give much attention to him since she was already occupied with taking care of her husband who suffers from Alzheimer, her care for Adam makes her want to know every little trivial things about him. However, Adam is irritated by her and barely keeps in touch with her. He feels irritated by these changes.
One day he meets Katherine, a 24-year-old PhD candidate in psychology. At first, Adam didn’t trust her because she was young. When Adam figures out that he was her only third patient, his trust once more diminished. He vented her all his depression and angers caused by changed atmosphere and treatments for cancer. One day, Katherine spots him waiting for a bus after treatment and takes him to his home. They have many conversations and start to have feelings for each other. Later on, Adam consults with Katherine about relationships with his parents. After the consult, she calls Adam’s mother as ‘woman who has a husband who can’t talk and a son who doesn’t say a word.’ She blames him and says ‘Remedy to this problem depends on your behavior’. After this consultation, he visits hospital with his mother and for the first time, he and his mom has reciprocal conversation. Through this, Adam finally learns his mother’s true heart towards him and hugs her filled with guilt and gratitude. Moreover, he comes across the book named Get Over Your Cancer Together in his best friend Kyle’s house after the quarrel, and saw Kyle’s endeavors to get information about Adam’s cancer. As he feels happiness and precious relationships with people, his desire to live gets stronger. Fortunately, his surgery was success and he and Katherine come to love each other and the movie has a happy ending. 

  What does this movie want to tell us through this extreme situation happening to the main character? The author strongly recommends this movie to those people who are fatigued from their life and consider them as the most miserable person in the world. Most people are usually self-centered so they tend to think of their situation as the worst. But seeing Adam who’s incomparably in a worse situation, people learn to look back on their lives. Though Adam realizes his valuable things through cancer, you still have lots of opportunities to figure out what’s precious to you. Don’t miss it. You are not late to live life with no regrets. The real treasures are something you deemed as priceless and obvious rather than invisible things

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