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Enjoy Your Youth!
KIM Dan-Bee  |  o_o1678@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.03.29  13:44:03
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  Do you remember the accident "Collapse of Gyeong ju Mauna Resort" that happened about a month ago? At that time, 100 students were under the collapsed building. This accident took away 10 lives of innocent students including freshmen. This disaster brought great shock and grief to the whole nation. All sorts of mass media reported on the accident and many people offered their condolences with the families in sorrow. The reason why we felt sorry for their deaths was not because they couldn’t study TOEIC nor they couldn’t fulfill their career. It was because they couldn’t get to enjoy their youth though they have finally entered the university through long period of preparation for entrance examination. They were flowers that weren’t even allowed to blossom. One month from then, how are we spending our precious youth? Are we really living life that’s suitable to the word ‘Youth’? We are spending most of our time doing part time jobs and going to academic institutes. But earning certificates and building up our career is not the youth that we dreamed of. Lately, we can see many best-selling books talking about ‘Youth’. But ironically, young students are not using their privilege of youth properly. University students should realize how valuable their ’Youth’ is. Only you know how to enjoy your young days. Find your own ways to enjoy them without copying the ways of others. This moment is the moment that you can’t have twice. We all hope you to enjoy your youth wisely.

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