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Politics Toward Justice West WingWhat is happening in the White House?
KIM Dan-Bee  |  o_o1678@naver.com
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ven though 'this' always exists very close to us, we often ignore and overlook 'this'. ‘This’ is Politics. In the early development process of democracy, in the past university students as intellectuals took part in many parts of society to make their society better. However, in recent university students tend to settle for the democracy and not exercise their rights. It can be seen in the gradual degradation of turnout, which indicates university students’ indifference to politics. Why? Most of the university students have prejudices against the politics. For instance, they think politics is difficult and complicated. In this issue, I'm going to introduce the drama that will help Gachon university students to have interesting access to politics and to think over what the ideal politics is.
It is West wing which covers the story of White House which deals with worldwide information. West Wing is the term which refers to the west building of the White House having Oval Office and secretarial staffs. The drama named after ‘West Wing’ describes the exciting stories of White House secretaries. 
  In West Wing, there are elites who lead USA. The White House's second-in-command, the chief aide Leo, the action head and the deputy aide Josh, the public information director Toby who holds different opinions from president, Spokesperson of White House CJ, the deputy information officer Sam, Black private secretary of president Charlie ,and the boss of them and the president of the United States Jed Bartlet. In every episode, they abandon little things for bigger achievements and they often do political provocations. Let's look at the cliff-hanging story through the episode.
  The president of the United States Bartlet who is usually very strict to his aides had a good feeling and friendship toward the provisional health care provider Morris who gives consolation and advices to him. So he proposed Morris to work full time in the White House. Surprisingly, the air force plane he rode exploded from a missile attack of Syria. Eventually, he couldn't come back to the White House. Regarding air force plane explosion as Syria's provocation to the US, the White House was busy preparing revenge. At this time, you can find the political, military tensions among the nations through the argument scene between the aides of the White House and military headquarters. The president, for his personal feelings about Morris, insisted on powerful revenge opposing to aides' light action. Just before the president’s live speech to make White House's position clear, Bartlet was fussy to all of the staffs, even to the new secretary. Being unable to stand his behavior, the chief aide Leo called Bartlet out to the room. Leo gave him a stern advice as a friend, not as the chief aide. Leo said that as a powerful nation the United States has proper actions to do and should be balanced and merciful, which made Bartlet become calm and realize what a true revenge is. After he stepped out of the room, as the head of one nation he succeeded in finishing the speech composedly by warning the enemy and giving trust to American people. The key point for watching West Wing is that characters with some flaw finally came to complement each other’s lacks and grow together.
  When we think about the word 'politician', we recall corrupt politicians criticizing and slandering each other rather than working hard for nation and people. Meanwhile, West Wing was even enjoyed by the former president Roh, Moo-Hyun, which means that the drama suggests the ideal and just political systems to Korean politics. Especially, through Bartlet, it shows how crucial it is to be firm in one’s belief in making people’s life happy and how many efforts are needed to achieve it. Also, it shows the important role of the politics which is to support and back up each other. 
  Since West Wing started its first season in 1999, it has been loved until season 7 in 2006. And it received the TV drama series award at Emmy Awards for 4 years in a row (in 2000~2003). Additionally, it is helpful for studying English. It was ranked on the Top10 best scripts among the USA dramas of all times. It also shows the eastern American English well. I hope Gachon university students to study English, American culture, and politics through West Wing. Furthermore, I hope you to have interests in Korea's politics and take active parts in politics.

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