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Overcome sadness, my life goes on.What if you lose your precious person?
KIM So-Hyun  |  kate5825@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.06.26  16:02:31
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 Who is the closest and the most important person to you? How would you feel if you lose that person? You probably will suffer from unutterable sadness and you won’t be able to get out of it. Some would overcome by themselves, some would find a counselor or use therapy program. Or they would just rely on their remaining friends or family. Let me introduce a drama called Go On which treats a various sad stories of people who’ve lost their loved ones and are suffering from the loss with a comic touch. At the same time, it comforts the audience by showing moving scenes of solacing each other’s pain and sharing their feelings. The story is about people who overcome their depression by doing group counseling. There are many genres of drama but this time I want to introduce a warm, funny and soothing drama to students.
Let me give you a brief introduction of the characters.

1. Ryan King: he is a main character and a sport radio anchor. After having lost his wife, he joins a group counseling and comes to find himself through communicating with people who have the similar painful experiences with him.


2. Lauren: she is a leader of a group counseling. At the beginning, she hides her mind but as time goes by, she also overcomes her own problems with members’ support. 



3. Steven: he is Ryan’s boss and his close friend. He always stands right by Ryan and tries to heal Ryan’s inner suffering.



4. Sonia lost her loved cat, Mr. K who outwardly looks like a madman but helps group members with his abilities, Yolanda whose fiancé didn’t show up at a wedding day, Anne whose husband died from heart attack, Owen who joined ground counseling because of his brother who has been in coma after accident. These are the group members


 One month after Ryan’s wife’s death, he tries to go back to his sports anchor position. But Steven doesn’t accept his return and tells him that if he takes a group counseling ten times, he will have him work again. Inevitably Ryan goes to the group counseling. At first his aim is to get a signature on the documents. He doesn’t open his mind as he believes opening one’s heart frankly with cries is stupid and not helpful to regain one’s life. However, he gradually comes to rely on the counseling. There are some changes after Ryan joins the counseling. Ryan insists they should ‘act’, unlike Lauren who always obeys the rules and have people only talk. Since then, whenever something happens, group members help together. But the problem is that no matter hard they try to overcome their current problems, they always go back to the beginning. Ryan meets a new person in order to find a new love but Janie, his dead wife and a marriage ring on his finger keep him from committing himself to a new relationship. Not being able to throw away a marriage ring, he lets a new love go away again. Anne, a member of group counseling also can’t throw away her wedding ring. Ryan and Anne look back on the past together. ‘Life Change’ is the name of the group counseling, but they get disappointed at themselves since they do not change at all. So Lauren also doubts her role as a leader. At that time a surprising secret of Lauren is disclosed. Lauren realizes she doesn’t love the man with whom she has been going out for a long time and even promised to marry. Other members are shocked and they begin to be doubtful of Lauren, thinking, ”She’s not honest with herself, then how can she change others?” Finally Lauren sets an example for members by making a resolute decision to break up with her fiancé. So each member doesn’t give up, and goes on with their lives. Ryan can’t scatter his wife’s ashes at first, but with the help of other members realizes that what his dead wife Janie wants is not a fancy place, but an ordinary place that contains memories with Ryan. Every night Ryan used to be awakened from his sleep with thoughts of Janie but he overcomes it at last. In the final scene, they burn their valuable things which they couldn’t throw away in order to make a step forward. 
 The story proceeds around Ryan, but if you get through the whole drama, you’ll be able to see other group member’s stories, too. All characters have distinct personality so while you watch the drama you’ll get curious about what’s happening to them. Nowadays many of American dramas are sitcom, mystery drama, and criminal investigation drama but Go On is considered as a touching drama. Conversations are not difficult to understand and a diverse speaking pace and pronunciation of each character is helpful for improving listening comprehension. Also at every opening scene, we can peep into American culture through Ryan’s sport radio program. Go On composes of season 1, 22 episodes. Although it feels like it’s not enough, those 22 episodes contain every precious thing like warm, love, pain and fun. We have no choice but to experience loss and pain and that is our life. And it is important to know how to go through that kind of loss and pain. Drama Go On treats dark stories with various comic elements and gives consolation to many people. I highly recommend this drama to students who have experienced losing someone and want to watch a warm drama.

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