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Is plastic surgery absolutely needed?People who are losing their own faces
KIM Na-Young  |  clara0385@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.06.26  17:04:12
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  Everyone is craving for beauty. Probably because of this, in the modern society, plastic surgery is being performed widely. Apgujeong, Seoul, is filled with plenty of plastic surgery billboards. 
  In the cable program named “Let Beauty”, they select people who are having difficult lives because of their looks and support them with plastic surgery. After surgery, these people get new lives with confidence and their appearance complex vanishes. In this case plastic surgery has a positive effect. But there can be side effects, for example, people are likely to decide on a plastic surgery with an impulse while watching this program. 
  There is a saying that filial duty starts from cherishing our body which is inherited from a parent. Instead of choosing a plastic surgery without deep consideration, how about looking at mirror with a large smile? The most important element that makes a good image is facial expression. Smiley face can make you more beautiful and attractive.

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