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  This year 30th student council of Gachon university held ’A Place for Exchanging Information’ to give useful information to freshmen. Information presented in it involves information exchange site managed by student council, academic administration in which students are most interested, and festivals that are supposed to arouse Gachon students’ pleasure and fun.
  First, let’s check out the information about student council. The information exchange sites managed by student council are Ga-In-Chung-Chun, student council Facebook, and BOM call center. In Ga-In-Chung-Chun, we can get helpful tips about recommendable places to eat, located around university, college life information and a lot of other information about university. In a word, it is a site where all the necessary
information for college life is provided. Similarly, by visiting student council Facebook, we can easily get information about student council festivals and college events. In addition, they hold some events that give prize to people who’ve posted their comments by drawing a lot. BOM call center is a Kakao talk system in which students can resolve any wonders while staying in university .The operating hour of BOM call center is from 9am to 6pm. By using community sites mentioned above, you can have access to festivals or events much faster than any other students.

  Secondly, let’s take a close look at academic administration. Summer or winter session gives students a chance to take classes for the purpose of re-taking class, returning to school, early graduation, and double major. Students can earn maximum 6 credits for each session, and the class opens only if more than 10 students sign up of the class. Next, double major and minor program enable students to get certain credits of other majors. Before applying for this program, you should check which major is available or not for you. In order to complete double major course students need to take the second major of their division and receive 42 credits in a certain major of other division. Two majors will be recorded at degree certification. You can apply for this program regardless of your grade. From the first semester, freshmen to the first semester, senior you should get approval by submitting double major application. Some students who want to take minor course need to achieve more than 21 credits in the major they want to study, and after finishing the course your minor is recorded in the degree certification. Minor also has no grade limit and the application process is the same as double major course.
  Thirdly, here is information about credit exchange program. The school provides a variety of credit exchange program such as credit exchange classe with other Korean universities, student exchange or visit program, and short or long- term abroad class program with foreign universities. For instance, there is a student exchange program for one or two semesters in sister university or you can participate in abroad class program for over 48 hours during summer or winter vacation. The list of sister universities and the universities which provide credit exchange programs is posted on Gachon university homepage. Through a student exchange program it is possible to study at a foreign university for one year. Dispatching and visiting student program sends Gachon University’s student to other university for one semester, and in case of short-term abroad class you can take classes for 3 to 4 weeks. A student exchange program is much cheaper since it is an one-to-one student exchange so you need to pay tuition to Gachon university while student dispatch and visit program requires you to pay tuition to foreign university. Both programs choose students based on documents and interviews. For further detailed information, check out Gachon homepage notice.

  Lastly, the school events or festivals are composed of flea market, Dokdo expedition, abroad backpacking, Hanmaum daejangjung, and daedongjae. In the Flea Market you can freely sell and buy used or unused commodities and it is held every third Tuesday, once a month. Dokdo expedition is a festival intending to imbue students’ mind with patriotism and is held every summer vacation. Abroad backpacking whose purpose is to give students lots of chances to experience other countries’ culture is supposed to be held in July. Daedongjae, a festival which many students are looking forward to, is scheduled to be held in September. BOM DAY is a surprise event which is different from previously mentioned events. It is an innovative festival which aims to relieve students of burdensome studies.
  By sharing important information provided by student council, I hope many students to gain what they need in college life. Moreover, by taking interests in school festivals, I expect students to enjoy more significant college life as well as to increase students participation rate.

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