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Counting Stars
KIM Dan-Bee  |  o_o1678@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.06.28  14:13:55
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  As 122th issue of Gachon Herald being published, summer vacation of college students has begun. For some students it’s their first thrilling vacation, and for others it’s going to be last vacation before jumping into a society. But no matter what grade you are in, all of you would have the same hope for having a meaningful vacation. Did you plan out for your fruitful vacation? ‘Traveling’ always is included in our vacation plans, but it was always delayed due to financial and time difficulty. But the best time for travel is ‘Now’, not the next time. Especially a travel journalist Haram Lee whose interview is treated in 122th issue, said young people can seek for their true lives through unplanned trip. Meaningless certificates and international activities are not what you need. What’s necessary is to travel. Through it, you can escape from reality and look back on yourself, and recharge your life. ‘No more counting dollars, we’ll be counting stars.’ This lyircs of the song by ‘One Republic’ is telling us to count stars and pursue our dream. Leave ‘Now’. Do not put off leaving. It would be all right without money or bed. Get out of the desolate and boring reality and find your dream and future out there.

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