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Welcome to a village full of affection; Stars HollowAn interesting story about a mother and a daughter, Gilmore Girls
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  There was a time when I used to run up to my mom after school and tell her how my day was. In the evenings, I used to spend my time going to the playground with my friends. I also remember eating dinner at my friend's house and laughing at trifles. You may also have had a similar kind of childhood. There is a TV drama that makes people recollect those good old memories. It is called Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls deals with communication and friendship among families and neighbors. You can find happiness and love through Gilmore girls and their neighbors. Moreover the story of the relationship is described in such details that you can easily feel empathy and laugh with them. Let me give you a brief introduction of the characters.
1. Emily Gilmore:
Emily is Lorelai's mother and Rory's grandmother. She has a rocky relationship with her daughter Lorelai. She loves her daughter but is somewhat bad at expressing her feelings and puts an emphasis on refinement and authority. Emily hasn't had much contact with Lorelai for a while, but she makes a deal with her daughter that if she pays her granddaughter Rory’s highschool tuition, she will come over to her house once a week and have dinner with her.

2. Lorelai Gilmore:
She grew up in a wealthy family, but has a lot of conflicts with her parents because of her carefree personality. Lorelai gets pregnant with Rory at the age of sixteen and chooses to leave her family and raise the baby on her own. She is working at a local hotel as a general manager. She has somewhat strong leadership characteristics and is very sociable, but she sometimes acts like a little girl.

3. Rory Gilmore:
She has a good relationship with her mother. It’s as if they are friends. She is a smart girl who goes to a prestigious private high school, has a goal in her life and a great passion for what she wants to do.



4. Luke:
He is the owner of a store to which Rory and Lorelai often go. He seems indifferent to everything but inside he is a warmhearted neighbor and attends lots of town festivals and helps Lorelai a lot with her work.



5. Sookie:
Sookie works as a chef at Lorelai's hotel. She is Lorelai's best friend who always encourages Lorelai. She is really good at cooking but because of her clumsy personality she makes a lot of mistakes.



 6. Lane Kim:
She lives with very strict Korean parents but craves freedom from them. She enjoys band music and she is very close to Rory.



  Gilmore Girls is the story of a thirty two year old single mother living with her sixteen year old daughter in Stars Hollow, as mall but friendly neighborhood. Lorelai and her daughter are very close. Lorelai is a close friend and an advisor to her daughter and they don’t have any secrets between them. However, because of her carefree personality Lorelai sometimes looks less mature than her daughter. They love to watch the same movies, listen to the same music and share the same snacks. Lorelai dreams of setting up a hotel with her best friend, Sookie, who is a chef at a nearby hotel. Sookie cooks for some special events for Lorelai and always encourages her. Rory dreams of studying at Harvard University and finally gets accepted to Chilton Preparatory School. Lorelai, unable to afford Chilton's tuition, asks her mother, Emily, for help. Emily promises to pay Rory’s tuition on the condition that every Friday night she and Rory will join Emily and Richard for dinner at the senior Gilmores' home. Rory hadn’t known her grandparents until she visited them. From the first time when Lorelai and Rory visit Emily, Lorelai and her parents have conflicts. Rory tried to connect her mother with her grandparents while having dinner. However, Lorelai and her parents have such different ways of thinking that they have lots of conflicts. After the deal was made Rory went to high school at Chilton, starting partway into her sophomore year. But it had its pitfalls. She picked up a rival in Paris Geller and was pursued by Tristan DuGrey, who she had no interest in, but who got Rory into more trouble. Rory is on good terms with Lane Kim who is her reliable friend. They listen to all kinds of music, and sometimes go on double dates or go to parties together. When Lane’s mother threw Lane out of the house, Lane went to Rory’s and danced to loud band music. While Rory pursues her degree, Lane goes on a tour with her band, but their friendship remains rock-solid. Lorelai’s best friends are Sookie and Luke. Lorelai and Rory are daily customers at Luke’s Diner. He cares about Rory a lot, and is more involved in her life than her real father.
  These days, many dramas deal with negative stuff such as fraud, divorce, adultery, and death. These negative things are used as fun factors, but Gilmore Girls arouses sympathy and laughter through Gilmore Girls’ trivial daily lives. The series has now ended after its 7th season. It was listed as one of Time magazine's "100 Top TV Shows and was introduced as one of the best family dramas. Through the series you can actually see Rory growing physically and mentally from her entering high school to her studies at university. This show makes us not only recall our high school days but also experience what overseas college life is like. It is also safe to say that this show is helpful in learning English since more than 5 *GRE level words are used per episode. Now, aren't you curious about the story of the Gilmore Girls and their neighbors? We invite Gachon university students to Stars Hollow town!

*GRE (Graduate Record Examination): a standardized test that is an admission requirement for most graduate schools in the United States.

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