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Events closing accounts of the Kyungwon student councilWhat did they do this year?
Hwang Mira  |  mera0307@naver.com
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  Which department do you belong to? Are you curious about what kind of the events the student union, which was voted for by us, has planned and organized this year? If you knew, would you have participated in those events? I would like to talk about the college events that we have had this year, which include the events by the student council, the women student council, and the evening student council.
  Apple+, the student council, invited Park Kyung-Lim in April as a guest speaker for her lecture titled ‘Challenging for our dreams,’ and it also held our annual school festival, Dae Dong Je. During Dae Dong Je there were other events such as the Gachon Star King, Street Theatre, Taekwondo demonstration, and job festivals. In September, a job festival and the English village festivals were held.
  The women student council, Can D, made an effort for the women’s welfare this year. They provided the female students with women only study rooms, tea for encouragement, and women’s cultural experiences. The evening student council had a ceremony of climbing towards the moon, an athletic tournament, and a seminar with the department of Business.
  Each department held various events that represented its features:
The IT department held a Cyber track meet in October and ran it for a week.
The Law department held a mock trial for their symposium.
The Business department held a Job Fair seminar in November.
The Music and Art department each held a recital and exhibition.
  A unique event called the LUSH campaign, a flea market, which was held in April by the Domestic Science department. The profits made from this campaign were donated and used for the department festival ‘Night of Domestic Science.’
  A foot-washing event by the Natural Sciences department in September was an event that encouraged students to love their college.
  On the other hand, the 'Engineering department star K' was an event to discover talented singers, dancers, and performers in the Engineering department.
  There were some events, which were held by the all departments:
The Freshman Orientation
Freshmen MT and LT
Retreat for executives of departments
Peppero Day
  We took time and heard some of the students’ thoughts who took part in the school events. Kim Jae Hoon who is a sophomore majoring Food Science and Biotechnology said, "I participated in the ‘English zone’ held by the Student council. It was good to have a chance to practice English conversation indirectly but it was a little bit too formal."
  Lee Young Bin is a freshman majoring Early Childhood Education. She said, "I participated in the festival by Domestic Sciences department. It was a good chance to get closer with seniors and juniors in my major."
The term for each student representative has now been completed and now there will be a new student council. Let’s see if the new representatives can fulfill their promises and see what they do for our students.
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