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112 Eagle's eye
Lee Han-na  |  heid33514@naver.com
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Updated : 2012.02.03  16:24:19
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  Winter is a season in which the year both begins and ends. We prepare for a fresh new start during winter when the year comes to an end. Trees arrange their leaves and flowers prepare to blossom come spring time. Nature is taking its course as such, and how about us? How are we preparing ourselves to blossom? The year 2011 has now become the past and like the saying, it is never good to dwell on the past. So, during this winter let us prepare ourselves for a bright new 2012 and blossom into even better things than before.
  The Gachon Herald is also planning on blossoming with a new name for our magazine, so please continue to give us your support as you have throughout the years.

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