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A Strong Challenge of Ordinary Young MenSuccess in New York,
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  The youth unemployment rate has continuously increased. According to the National Statistical Office’s data, September 2014, youth unemployment rate accounts for 8.5% of unemployment an increase of 0.7% over the same month last year. If the employment rate among youth decreases, ironically the unemployment of the elderly people consistently increases. In order to overcome this difficult situation, government has encouraged youth to set up their own business and provides measures for constantly encouraging the setting up of a small business. As a result, many young people have tried to establish their business and have thrown themselves heart and soul into their business for success. We can find this story in the American TV series, ‘How to Make it in America’. This drama is a challenge story which describes two ordinary young men dropping out of university to launch their own fashion brand and going into New York’s fashion world. Let’s see what they do to achieve their goal. 
  The main characters of this drama are Ben, Cam, Rachael, and Rene. Ben is careful in everything and seeks perfection while Cam is reckless and clumsy but always confident about his work. Those men lead this drama. The dramatic tension is increased by Ben’s ex-girlfriend Rachael, and Cam’s cousin Rene who runs a legitimate business after serving time in prison. The drama starts with them naming their brand ‘Crisp’, and the plan to make denim after leaving university. Ben sought advice from his professor and looked for a manufacturer but it was not easy for them to get information from people who were reluctant to open their own manufacturing route. Accidently, Ben and Cam joined designer John Varvatos’ party through Cam’s friend and they got the opportunity to meet him. After meeting him, they realized that they had nothing prepared for denim sample making; from finding a manufacturer to analyzing their financial situation to making a business plan. 
  First, Cam sold his stock in a skateboard company to make money for making a sample but Ben was not satisfied with the denim sample and thought of giving up his dream. Around that time, they met Powell who was the CEO of an apparel company in which Ben was working part time. Powell introduced them to a Japanese buyer named Haraki. In the evening, Ben and Cam met Haraki with an unsatisfactory denim sample and their last hope. Surprisingly, Haraki gave them a large order for a vintage t-shirt which Ben was wearing, not the denim. Ben looked around many clothing shops to obtain as many t-shirts as possible and manufactured more t-shirts thanks to an employee’s help.
Ben and Cam borrowed Rene’s truck, but they had the truck stolen while gazing around. Cam knew intuitively that the suspect who stole the truck was Rene. He visited Rene and appealed passionately for the return of their t-shirts because they were their future. So, Rene gave the t-shirts back to them and praying for Cam and Ben’s success earnestly. Thus, Ben and Cam could deliver the t-shirts to Haraki safely and they were paid for the clothes. 
  This TV series consists of 9 episodes per season; it takes about 20 minutes, and ended in season 2. You could know how much time, passion and money they invested in launching just one t-shirt. They felt thrilled and a sense of accomplishment after experiencing several failures. How about young people these days? Young people are afraid of failure and are reluctant to try new things. People who are evaluated to live a successful life say, “Even if you fail, keep on challenging.” People who lose their nerves even before doing something and not trying anything are disqualified from eating the sweet fruit of success. If you are not sure what you think is right or wrong, I would recommend you to challenge it with passion.

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