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  Danbee: First article, First conference, First training, First interview, and First chief editor. These activities in Gachon Herald for the last 3 years have given me me a lot of new experiences. I started as a clumsy reporter for the Gachon Herald, but as time went by I slowly became more proficient at everything. When I became a reporter for the Gachon herald, I worried a lot and asked my juniors and colleagues many things. Three years have passed since then, and now while I am looking at more than a hundred documents I have worked on, my efforts and passion to be perfect at that time now seem to be cute and precious to me. Although nobody blamed my clumsiness, I pressured myself to do better. Sometimes that pressure made me cry alone and feel a sense of guilt, but I realized the answer is easy. 'Everyone has their first time'. It's the passage that I repeated to myself whenever I felt a lack of confidence and was seized with remorse in my position as chief editor this year. 'No one does well at first', 'Don't worry, I'm doing pretty well despite this being the first time'. These brash spells gave me strength and motivated me to do well.
'Where there is no first time, there is no last time'. This is the passage that I really want to tell my juniors who are in charge of the Gachon Herald from now on. I also want to tell myself this while waiting for the new world and new experiences I will find after retiring from the Gachon Herald. Everyone has their first time. It's hard to do well all the time. Just do your best. Wanting to be more perfect tomorrow rather than seeking perfection from the beginning might lead to a better result.
I’d really like to thank all of you for my growth at the Gachon Herald. In particular, I would like to thank my one classmate, Hyunjin, my reassuring senior Cheolmin, and my lovely juniors who have always followed me. Thanks for sharing my first time and my last time.
Cholmin: From 2010. 03. To 2014. 12. 
  It has been 5 years since I first joined the Gachon Herald and shared my joys and sorrows. Looking back on my life at the Herald, I think I just loved going with my seniors and my classmates when I was a freshman. After I finished my military duty and became a senior, I sometimes felt burdened that I had to lead juniors properly and to encourage them. That’s why I experienced big and small conflicts with seniors and juniors, but as I learned to solve the problems I developed a special love for the Gachon Herald. When I was working at the Herald, I felt a sense of pride as a journalist and gained a sense of duty. Also, I think that my life at the press was a good opportunity to go through the strict hierarchy, that is, a sort of social life. Above all, I received the most invaluable gifts such as classmates, seniors, and juniors through this life. Thanks to the seniors who have led us and juniors who have followed with trust, I will have a more fruitful life. I am sure that my juniors will lead the Gachon Herald in new and better directions now. I hope that your life at the Gachon Herald will be enjoyable and always be filled with laughter.

  Hyunjin: Finally! I can’t believe that my Gachon Herald life of about 3 years is over. It seemed like I would never retire but finally it has come at last. Over the past 3 years, I experienced many conflicts, but in the end I found myself able to work with a sense of responsibility as a member of the Gachon Herald. Needless to say, working here for 3 years was the most valuable and precious memory that I have ever experienced so far.
  At first, it took time to adjust myself to the Gachon Heralds so called, “small society”. Fortunately, I overcame those difficulties thanks to my classmates Chomin, Danbee, and my seniors. As I became a senior, I felt the burden was too heavy because I had to be more responsible. It was my luck to work with my juniors who were so kind and willing to follow so well. We worked vigorously and made many pleasant memories. Three years ago, I didn’t think that I could gain so many experiences and memories and still be able to finish my term. I believe I owe all of my success to my classmates, juniors, and seniors. The juniors who will be taking over the responsibility of the Herald job from now on will experience many conflicts as well, but I hope that they can feel the same sense of fulfillment that I did. Thank you and love to all the 31st, 32nd, and 33rd journalists! I wish Gachon Herald will be forever!

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