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We are different but still the same.I've been switched with you,
Baek Seong-ha  |  timidsohot@naver.com
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  Have you ever seen the disabled in your everyday life? When so-called able people see the disabled, what do they think about? Most people think of the disabled as different. People either avoid the disabled or feel sympathy and try to help them. This attitude towards disabled people is so deeply rooted in society that it will not change very easily. However, here is a drama that might change the way people look at the disabled. Let's find out how disabled people feel about the behavior of those around them.
  A teenage girl named Bay lived with her wealthy white parents and an elder brother. One day during a blood test at school she found out that her blood type wasn’t the same as her parents. In fact, Bay had been switched with Daphne, the real daughter of John and Kathryn. After twists and turns, these two families end up living under the same roof.
1. What John and Kathryn don’t know
  John and Kathryn were very surprised when they saw their real daughter Daphne because Daphne was deaf. At first, Kathryn spoke very loudly to Daphne because she thought Daphne could hear her if she spoke that way. But Daphne couldn’t hear anything. She only knew what people were saying by watching their mouth and how they formed words. Talking loudly was no use. Regina, who knew Daphne was deaf, told Kathryn, "Even if you speak loudly, Daphne can’t hear you.”
2. Bay in unconsciousness
  Bay went to a rock festival with her boyfriend Emmett who was also Daphne’s classmate at her school for the deaf. Emmett was feeling angry at Bay because of something she did and accidently bumped into a man’s shoulder while walking. Without an apology, Emmett continued walking. Then the guy yelled and swore at Emmett but because Emmett was deaf he kept walking. This just made the man angrier. Then Bay shouted, “He can’t hear you! He's deaf!” The guy apologized and left with an embarrassed look on his face. Emmett read the shape of Bay’s mouth and asked her what she said. Bay made up an excuse to defend him but Emmett got angry with her because he thought she was looking down on him. Bay was only trying to help her boyfriend Emmett, but she mistakenly perceived him as someone who wanted help.
3. Prejudice of Toby
  Toby formed a band with two school friends. They were asked to play at a party but the drummer of the band did not show up at the party. So Daphne suggested that Emmett could play the drums. But Toby and his friend mockingly asked how a deaf person could play the drums? They thought since Emmett couldn't hear, he wouldn't be able to count the drumbeats. However, vibrations from the drums can be felt as well as heard. It turned out that Emmett was a great drummer and he was invited to join the band. They had judged Emmett even before knowing how well he played the drums, simply because he was deaf.
  It is not their disability, but the bias and negative response of other people that hurts the disabled person. The disabled are often hurt by the sympathy of people who don’t understand. Even without the help and concern of other people, disabled people have continued to master how to help themselves and live on their own. When the disabled are in difficult situations, they themselves ask around for help. They continue to do their best in getting along with other people. Therefore, I hope everyone will see the disabled as normal, just with other attributes, and help them only when they ask for help. If one person's mind about the disabled changes, the rest will follow.

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