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Make your own story by applying for a second major with exact informationSecond major and advanced major course are required from the class of `14
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  Students from the class of 2014 are required to choose a second major (double major, minor, interdisciplinary program) or advanced major course. Due to the belated notice, students are in trouble and haven’t had enough time to choose another major. So they chose a second major without understanding the purpose of this requirement. The school announced, “Unemployment today is a serious problem but it can be recovered by taking a double major.” However, a week after it was announced on the Internet, the application process closed. The students who wanted to change their choices or missed the application dates are in trouble once again. Those students who think their current majors do not suit them should look into this requirement in more detail.

  Applying for the second major and advanced major course for the first semester of 2015 ended after just four days; November 17 to 21 last year. The application process is as follows: students should submit the application form to their own department office. However, if students want to apply for a second major, they must first visit the wanted major’s office and gain it’s approval. It is not necessary to submit an application form for advanced major courses. You cannot choose any major for the second major. More details are in the chart.

Exception for application
Dept. of Nursing,
(quinquennial) Dept. of Construction Engineering,
the cross application for medical field
in the case of students who have changed their majors, previous majors
double major
Dept. of Nursing,
(quinquennial) Dept. of Construction Engineering,
health and medical affiliation
(except for Dept. of Remedial Exercise, Dept. of Medical Engineering)
 Dept. of Early Childhood Education
in the case of students who have changed their majors, previous majors
Division of Music  
(Dept. of Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Composition)
cross-application of day and evening major
Advanced major course
Dept. of Nursing,
  Dept. of Construction Engineering,
health and medical affiliation
(except for Dept. of Remedial Exercise, Dept. of Medical Engineering)
Dept. of Early Childhood Education
Only newly enrolled students in 2014 don’t have the exception for application in choosing advanced major course.

  When you want to apply for a department with combined majors, you must be aware of some regulations. If you are taking courses or newly applying for a department with combined majors, you must complete the course before February, 2017. If you do not, it will not be accepted as a second major. It will be difficult to complete it because you need to earn overloaded credits in a short time. These are the combined majors in each department.

College of Administration
College of Social Science
College of Liberal Arts
Administration + Taxation
Business Administration track
 Business Administration track(evening)
International Trade +
 Global Economy
International Trade(evening)
Global Economy(evening)
Chinese + Japanese Language & Literature
Oriental Language & Literature
German + French Language & Literature Europe Language & Literature
Engineering Information Technology College
College of Arts
Building Equipment + National Emergency
Equipment Plant ˙ National Emergency
Chemistry Biotech + Environment Energy Chemistry Biotech
Painting + Sculpture
Painting ˙ Sculpture
Computer Engineering + Computer Medea Fusion
Computer Engineering









        After reviewing the above table, you should plan your class schedule with full knowledge of all the necessary credits and subjects. With this change, all newly enrolled students of 14 should complete at least 48 credits for each major. In the case of minor and double major, students should take the required credits of their major and should simultaneously take 21 credits for minor and 42 credits for double major. For interdisciplinary programs, 42 credits are required and for advanced major courses at least 70 credits are required.


  You can check your own application details for the second major and/or advanced major course in the academic administration listed on the school’s homepage since December 28 of last year. However, if you want to change something, you can do so only one time and by submitting an application form to your department before the end of the second semester of your third year. The employment service center announced, “As a secondary major has become compulsory and the majority of students have started to act on it, it will be a merit when you make your own story about it.” Let’s make our own story by widening our studies and choosing a second major related to our goals.

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