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Guidelines to a healthy college life, Comprehensive Counseling Center.Knowing myself through a comprehensive counseling.
Lee Hyun-young  |  rjfbch@naver.com
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  Have you recently received a friendly email entitled, ‘Gachon Mind Sharing─the X-th letter♥’? Some of you may have gotten confused by this friendly email because it's not an ordinary email from our school. Normally we get satisfaction surveys or information about employment programs from Gachon University. When you open this email from the ‘Comprehensive Counseling Center’, it is filled with various counseling programs offered by our school, helpful quotes from books, practical tips for school, and so on. So what is this ‘Comprehensive Counseling Center’ that regularly sends these kinds of e-mails to us?
  First, let me give you a brief introduction to the Comprehensive Counseling Center. It is a counseling agency in the student welfare department that helps students maximize their abilities and skills through psychological tests and professional counseling services. Recently, a lot of college students have experienced emotional distress because of academic studies, career stress, and interpersonal relationships. In addition, many people do not even know what kind of a person they are because they lack a clear self-understanding of themselves and their values. The Comprehensive Counseling Center helps these students to overcome personal difficulties and helps them determine their future goals in various fields. 
  The Comprehensive Counseling Center was previously located in the Student Services Center at Vision Tower B, however, it has been transferred to the Health Center located in Jinrikwan Room 116. The health service center has moved into Gachonkwan. Operating hours are from 9 am to 5:30 pm during the semester. During the summer or winter vacation, the hours may change.

  Next, I will introduce the main services provided by the Comprehensive Counseling Service Center. First, you can take diverse psychological tests related to a career, your personality, learning, and psychology. Through these tests you can find out about yourself and help make rational decisions about your personality. Some of the psychological tests offered at this center are; the Strong Vocational Interest Test, the Career Thinking Test, and several tests for understanding your personality such as MBTI (personality type tests), psychological diagnostic tests such as MMPI-II (multi personality tests), and learning-related tests such as U & I learning type tests. Online written tests are available, and you can also book appointments by e-mail or by filling out an application form on the bulletin board on the homepage. As you can see, you can choose from many options to match your needs.
  Second, counseling work provided by this center is divided into two categories. The first is one-on-one counseling with a professional counselor for emotional problems and self-understanding. The second is group counseling facilitated by a councilor in which you can talk with other students with similar concerns and interests. In cases of individual counseling, you can apply by e-mail or directly visit the site. Also, if you feel the need for more help, the counseling center can suggest agencies that are effective for your special case. As for group counseling, it is determined on a first-come-first-served basis when notified on the school's website at the beginning of every semester.
  Finally, the counseling center helps arrange counseling with professors. Students can meet professors and find out information on learning, career, and different courses. In addition, it offers Gender Equality counseling, research on students' school life, and furthermore helps students go through a healthier college life. Last November 26, the Comprehensive Counseling Center offered a two-week 'Pinwheel Counseling Program' that received a great response because of its useful guide to a healthier and more successful school life. This program allowed participating groups of 10-15 students to talk freely and have time for self-understanding. A student who participated in this program said, “It was a good program that allowed me to look back on my forgotten self as I have been too busy. I believe this program is necessary to many students.” Another student added, “I have been worried about my future career, but I become more determined because my major turns out to match my personality very well."
  Thus, many programs offered at the Comprehensive Counseling Center can be a big help to many students who do not understand themselves well. Therefore, I hope that fellow schoolmates take advantage of this center and enjoy their college lives more fully with the help of psychological tests and professional counseling services. And what about presenting a special time for yourselves? It would be a good time to reflect deeply about your inner selves.

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