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Construction for the better future.Construction of Gachon Hall, ‘The main building of our university,’ and the second dormitory
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  Gachon Hall and the school’s second dormitory are going to begin their construction during this winter vacation. Gachon Hall will be built on the site where Technology Hall is currently located; Technology Hall was constructed in 1979 and as time has passed the facilities have become dated and in need of renovation. For example, there are no elevators and the plumbing facilities are so old that not even the heating and cooling systems operate properly. In addition, it is nearly impossible to use electronic equipment in classes. Our school’s first dormitory is also in a poor condition; although the building is not that old, the facilities are too small, and the students are dissatisfied with the building. Most of all, the dormitory cannot accommodate many students as it is.
  Starting off with the demolition of Technology hall, Gachon Hall’s construction is expected to be finished in two years. The hall is expected to be 12 stories high and 2 levels below. It will include electronic facilities, fitness centers, and a lot of multipurpose rooms. On the other hand, the second dormitory will begin construction around next August and the time for completion is 2 years. It is expected to be 6 stories high and 1 level below, but due to the construction law of height limitation, the building will now be 5 stories high and 2 levels below. Once the revision of the floor plan is complete, the second dormitory will be constructed horizontally from the first dormitory, as the two dorms will be connected.
  The second dormitory is expected to make up for the lack of facilities the first dormitory had. Various facilities like a fitness center, seminar rooms, and libraries are expected to be built in the new dorm. But we all need to be patient; Tae-Heum Park, the team leader of the construction headquarters, asked students to understand the inconvenience of the loud construction noise during the semester.
  When Gachon hall is complete, not only will it separate the classes and facilities of the Vision Tower, but it will also become another symbol of our university as it will become the main building of our campus. The empty space that is currently being used as a parking lot in front of Technology hall will also be changed into a resting place for students. The second dormitory will also be sufficient to improve the current flaws of the dorm. These two new buildings will help develop our university—and we like to call it the synergy effect.


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