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University of Wales, Aberystwyth
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achon University twinned with the University of Wales at Aberystwyth (UWA) in 2003. UWA is one of the eight universities that comprise the University of Wales in Wales, UK and its campus is located in the town of Aberystwyth. Gachon University has an experience with UWA for a study abroad program during winter break in 2004. 

  The University of Wales is a national university, which was founded in 1872. UWA has 3 main campuses, Pengleis, Llanbadarn, and Old College, and is affiliated with 17 colleges. The University crest is the shape of shield including two red dragons and a book which is opened and on top there is a phoenix. Two red dragons, a book, and a phoenix symbolize the following: Wales, learning, and revival. The university motto is “The best inspiration is Truth.”
  UWA was nominated as one of the best universities in the UK by foreign students in 2010. It maintains a high quality in student satisfaction. Teaching and learning were voted excellent in the UK. In addition, UWA offers wide student services.
  Aberystwyth is one of the biggest cities in Western Wales. It is famous for beautiful coasts and nature scenes. Many people go to explore. There are many historical places like old castles and history museums; a field related in accommodation, like resorts, is well developed.


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