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Do you live in the ‘Present’?The movie that made me reflect on my life, Last Holiday
Eom Jin-A  |  eom6268@nate.com
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Updated : 2015.06.30  16:23:04
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e never watch news on TV without encountering the news of accidents and deaths. When we hear these kind of news, we feel pity and grief for the victims. Yet, we don’t think these could happen to us. We also may live shortly by the unexpected accidents, illnesses and so on. Nevertheless, we do live not for the present but for the future, and often blame our past saying, “I wish I had done…, when I was young.” You are not free from regrets for the past and worries about the future. So is your present OK? Let’s go into the saga of Last Holiday’s heroine who is terminally ill on account of a doctor’s wrong decision and is living for the present.
  Georgia, a heroine, sells cooking utensils at a department store and lives her life to the full. She has committed herself to her work and company and has been selected as an excellent staff for years. Her minister and manager often make comments about her small voice and shyness. But she holds food tasting, makes and gives food heartily to poor elderly people all because she is a warm-hearted person.
  Also, she has a hobby of making a ‘possibility book’, which is a collection of clipped-out pictures of her favorite cooking, the pictures of a hotel in which chef Didier whom she admires is working, imaginary wedding photos with Shawn who she secretly loves, pictures of trips that she want to go to, and so on.
  One day she goes to the hospital because she gets hurt on the head and collapses. After taking an X-ray at the hospital, she is diagnosed as having a brain tumor and said that she is able to live approximately for three weeks. She goes to church and sings the gospels while she appeals
against her incredible situation to God. “I have wasted too much of my life by keeping silent. I was afraid, I guess. You know how it is. You keep your head down and you hustle and hustle. Then you look up one day and wonder, “How did I even get here?” We bother ourselves about something worthless.”
  She is regretful that she has been living like a fool with being too frugal. She quit her job and takes a trip to practice things which are written on her ‘possibility book’ because she doesn’t want to waste her limited life. Georgia takes a helicopter from the airport to the hotel because she doesn’t want her time to be wasted on transportation. She is not only living in a VIP room, wearing the longest dress, eating Didier’s cook, but also learns a reckless sport such as BASE jump because she wants to do everything before she dies. Furthermore, she comes to have good experiences by playing games and sharing jokes with plutocrats, who are very curious about her dignified and true attitude. 
  Meanwhile, Craggan who is the president of the department store where she previously worked happens to come to the hotel. Craggan can’t remember Georgia and feels jealous of her spending money freely. Craggan reveals her identity in front of people to degrade her dignity. But Georgia tells her true story to the people with confidence. People are moved by her story and keep their distance from Craggan.
  Her last day is coming soon. She says that she has lived her last day of life at its best. At that time, it is revealed that the doctor misdiagnosed her and she does not have a brain tumor. Nevertheless, Georgia doesn’t feel regret for spending money, but rather she praises herself about what she did and promises a happier life from now on. And she lives with dignity and truth, contrary to what she used to live. Finally, she marries Shawn with whom she has loved secretly. They live happily, opening their own restaurant.
  Our country takes the top rank for suicide rates among OECD since 2003. Furthermore, suicide accidents in Seoul have quintupled in just five years. Are you going to give your life away just because you have no future or are regretful of your past? In the scene of Last Holiday, the heroine stands in front of a mirror and says to herself, “You have been very lucky. You didn't get everything you wanted… but next time, let’ do things differently. I will laugh more, love more and see the world more. I have only not to be afraid. Look at yourself.” We are not regretting the past and worrying about the future. Let’s see ourselves in the ‘present’ and live happier lives for the rest of our lives only for the ‘present’.

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