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Do you have a cultural life?Let’s enjoy the performances of the College of Arts, Gachon University.
Jung Soo-Jin  |  jsj5979@naver.com
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  Do you enjoy cultural activities in your busy college life? Nowadays a lot of students are too tired with studies to enjoy cultural activities such as exhibitions or musicals. Most of students who enjoy cultural activities spend time outside of school because they think there aren’t any cultural activities on campus. But you can also enjoy cultural activities provided by the College of Arts students.
  The College of Arts at Gachon University has a total of 3 divisions and 10 departments. Briefly, there are Divisions of Arts and Design, Physical Education, School of Music, and Performing Arts. And each division has 2 or 3 departments. First, Division of Art and Design consists of the Department of Painting and Sculpture, Visual Communication Design, Industrial Design, and Fashion Design. In particular, the Department of Painting and Sculpture, Visual Communication Design, and Industrial Design have periodical exhibitions at Olympic Park K Art Hall. The three departments have exhibitions by turns every year. The Department of Fashion Design has a graduation fashion show in the second semester, for which students make clothes and design for themselves. Second, the Division of Physical Education consists of the Department of Physical Education, and Department of Taekwondo. Sometimes, the Taekwondo department performs on campus. Third, the School of Music consists of Vocal, Instrumental, Music Composition. Vocal Majors perform an opera regularly every semester. Usually the concert is held in May, but in 2015 there will an opera concert in October at Gachon University’s Ye-eum Kuan (Ye-eum Hall) because the background of the opera is not suitable for the atmosphere of May. The dates of Taekwondo performances are changeable each year. Instrumental Majors have a musical performance, but it is not held regularly. Finally, the Performing Arts Department has performances by each grade.
  Let me tell you about the most recent performances of the Taekwondo Department, Department of Composition, and Performing Arts Department. Taekwondo demonstrations were performed in Ye-eum Hall, for early students who were accepted at the Gachon University non-scheduled admission. The Performing Arts Department performed the musical ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for high school students who want to apply for the Performing Arts Department as well as for freshman, in Vision tower-Stardom Square at 7:30 on May 7, 8, 9. Finally, the Department of Music composition performance was the musical ‘Ga Meun’ on May 28 in Ye-eum hall. The Performing Arts Department has prepared for a long time and promoted performances by poster. Also, the Department of Music Composition did promotions on SNS’s such as Facebook, however, both performances did not attract many students’ attention. I hope you have an interest in art college students’ activities, rather than being absorbed in your mandatory school life. It’s an entertaining way to relax for a moment through the College of Arts student’s activities.

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